Friday, May 2, 2008

This might be fun!

Hello everyone! A few of our friends have started blogs and we thought that maybe this would be a fun way to keep in touch with friends and family that are far away!

So to get started... a quick update:

As most of you know, Sean and I got married in October at Reser Stadium, it was quite an event and even more perfect than either of us even dreamed!

After the wedding we spent a week in Whistler, BC (thanks Mom & Lee!), I could have stayed there forever, but Sean thought it was just a little too cold for that! He says that our next vacation will definitely be somewhere warm.
I've been working with Slayden Construction since last February and couldn't be happier, it's a great company with great people and great benefits... what's not to love? Sean has been with Western Partitions for about the same amount of time and is about to finish up work at the Salem Hospital!

Thanks for visiting, we look forward to updating everyone on whats happening in our lives!


krissm79 said...

Yahoo!! CONGRATS!! I am so happy for you both. You will make two of the best parents. Loves you! :)

grandma a said...

Great, just want me to quit calling you every day to see how your feeling!
I am so happy to be Grandma again.
Love ya,
Hugs to all 3.
Grandma a