Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Little Update

Well, I don't have any new photos but I thought we should give you a quick update! Lots of things are going on around here.
We closed on our house and have gotten mostly all moved in. Everything is out of the old house except for the gun safe which will be moved tomorrow. Sean got some big industrial-type racks and is now working on getting the garage organized. We went from first offer to close in 14 business days, that is pretty amazing!
We spent last weekend cleaning and painting over at the old house and we are pretty much ready for our new renters. We are really excited about the couple that will be renting the house, they seem to be very responsible, have great jobs are are just super nice people.
I had my 26 week check up yesterday, everything looks really great. I've only put on a a few pounds from the start of this (although I feel huge), and the baby is VERY active. They said that he or she is measuring on the big side for gestational age. I asked about induction since my Mom and Lee will be here for Thanksgiving and they said that they will do an optional induction at 39 weeks but said that she doubts I will make it that far anyway! Everyone hope for a November baby!
I will try to get some photos of the house now that we are all moved in. We are working on the Nursery this weekend and will definitly post photos as that progresses!

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