Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Little Update

I guess its about time I updated here! I am now off work and waiting for this little one to arrive. This is my second week home and I am pretty close to going crazy. I have been working for almost as long as I can remember and being home has been really hard for me, but I'm adjusting. I think Sean likes having dinner ready when he gets home and the house being clean, but I would really rather be able to work. (I'm sure I will regret that statement later!)

I had two more showers, one that my sister Jennifer threw for me here in Albany and one that Sean's sister Monica threw for me in Portland. This baby has such great family and is so spoiled already! I tried to post some photos, but Grandma Olive has them all locked up (we're working on getting them!).

The baby's room is all done and it's so cute! I've been sitting in there and just enjoying the room a lot lately. We also finally ordered our window coverings, they should be here any day and I can't! It will be nice to be able to sleep when the sun is out. We just LOVE this new house! Can't wait to update everyone when the little one gets here, stay tuned!

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