Saturday, February 7, 2009

Poor Jackie!

Last Friday, our beloved Jackie had to have surgery AGAIN! For those that don't know the story, Jackie has a condition called Laryngeal Paralysis, which means that the flaps that open and close as we breath and keep food from entering our lungs have become paralyzed. In March of 2007, she the flaps became completely shut and she stopped breathing and her lips turned blue. Luckily our vet happened to be there at 5am and he saved her life but told us that she was likely nearing the end. He suggested a trip to Oregon State Vet Med to be sure that we did all we could. There she had a tieback, where they tie open one side of the flaps to allow her to breath. In November of that year, the tieback failed and she had to have another one done. A failure after that long is very rare, but it happened. Last week she started having trouble breathing again so Sean took her in. Sure enough, this tieback failed too. This time they did a debark procedure and actually cut out that flap that keeps closing. She came home on Saturday and then got sick. We took her back in and found out she had Aspiration Pneumonia, so 2 more days in the ICU and she is home again with us. She is slowly getting better but is still a little down. We think OSU should name a wing after us:-)

Here are a few pictures of Jackie over the last couple days.

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McCloud Photography said...

We wish Jackie a speedy recovery!And hope the rest of the Austin's are doing well.