Monday, March 23, 2009

Blessings in Disguise

Sometimes the worst things turn out to be blessings. I'm trying to see things that way today. Work has slowed down and even in an industry that is supposed to be "recession-proof" things can get slow. That is exactly what has happened to my company. We are finishing work on my current project and there are no new ones starting, so I was laid off on Friday. I was pretty upset at first, but I think this is actually going to be a good thing. My mom always preached to me about living within my means and I'm so glad we listened. We really don't have to change much without my income (except maybe a little less frivolous spending) and I get to spend time with Natalee. The 12 hour days were hard on me, I hated being away from her and I hated coming home and only having about a couple hours before we had to head to bed because the alarm would go off at 4:45 AM. I get to see every smile and hear all her laughs. I have time to keep the house clean, Sean doesn't have to make dinner every single night and I can get out to enjoy the sunshine heading this way. I will eventually look for a new job if Slayden doesn't pick up more work, but for a while at least, I think I will just be thankful for this blessing in disguise!

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oregonamy1972 said...

Wishing you luck in your job search!