Thursday, March 12, 2009

This & That

In October 2008, I was informed that Mother's Cookies had gone out of business. I was devistated... what about my white & pink frosted animal cookies? I went out and bought every bag I could find (Remember, I was about 8 months pregnant at this point). Sean laughed at me and thought it was hilarious, until he opened one of the bags and not only ate part of it but I caught him tossing one to the dogs (gasp!), it wasn't funny anymore! I have been rationing those precious few that were left and yesterday I opened the last bag. Just when I was about to say my final goodbye, I got great news: Kellogs has bought the recipe and the animal cookies will live on! The world can relax :-)

In other news: on the last duck hunting trip of the year, the engine blew in the boat. Sean and his dad were stranded on the Columbia River and they didn't have the trolling motor as it was being repaired. Luckily, someone saw them waving their arms and came to help. They decided to change things up a bit and had the boat modified to accomodate a 250hp prop, rather than the sport jet that was on there before. It's almost done and I think it's going to look really nice. This prompted me to finally take my boater license test. I found the website the other day and it was free to take until you passed. I figured I'd "give it a whirl" and took the test. I got a 94% and Sean is not all that thrilled with me, I guess it hurts when your wife gets a higher score than you! I don't "beat" him at many things, as he is very talented in a lot of ways, so I thought my small victory deserved some mention (even if it was only 2%)! I'm sure I will pay for this later when he reads this (love you honey!).


Heather Marie said...

Nice to meet you and I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog! I've been reading yours too and I just added myself to your followers!! :)

I love photographing my doggie, Latte! She is so much fun!!! :)

I hope you keep coming back and I hope we can become friends on here! It's always nice to meet new people!! Blogging is like a whole nother world!!

Talk to you soon...Happy Blogging!!

Alicia Mae said...

I'm glad you are following my blog! I have to say, after reading your last are much more entertaining than I am. haha

that is funny about the boater's license! About 5 years ago I went on a website to get it...then couldn't figure out why I was needing it since I didn't have a boat. LOL. Boating is awesome though!