Monday, August 3, 2009

The Choices We Make

Have you ever thought about where you are today and the choices that got you there, big or small? The other day Sean and I were driving and I saw a truck for a company that had made me a job offer while I was still in school and I mentioned it to him, which got me thinking. I had quite a few job offers at the end of college, my big dream was to move to Alaska but that job offer wasn't great and I was a little nervous about it. I got a call to interview for a job with Hunt Construction for the stadium project. I had really no interest in commercial construction and hadn't really focused there in school or internships but it was an amazing opportunity so I took the job and stayed in Oregon. A few weeks into the job I was out wandering through town and I came across a litter of labrador puppies and I bought one, I've always been an impulse shopper. The puppy got big and unruly and I needed help, so I took my vacation money that had accrued and took him to a really reputable kennel for some training. This is where I met my husband. I always tell people that I couldn't afford any more training so I had to marry the trainer!
When I think even farther back, to deciding on a college and what to major in, it's pretty incredible the little things that bring you to all the big ones.
Without that adorble little puppy that eventually became a big dog, I wouldn't have many of the things I do now: a wonderful husband, amazing daughter, beautiful home, not to mention very well behaved dogs.

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Nichole said...

WOW! That is a great story! Decision do seem to take us in many different directions in life! It is crazy! Like now, Andy and I are trying to decide if we want more children or if Anderson is enough for us. We cannot seem to decide! Hard decision!

I have not tried blueberries. How do you give them to her? Pureed or just wholes/halves?

Oh, we are not mentioning the decision about the future growth of family on the blog due to family reading, so please dont post any comments about that there. You are lucky to know! :o)