Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fluffy Butts

Well, it's been a couple of months since we decided to switch to cloth diapering… and it's awesome. I can't believe I waited so long to switch! It is so nice to be in Target and not cringe when I see the price of diapers. I think I waited so long to switch because I was worried about my husband being on board. It really wouldn't be of any benefit if only one of us was doing it. Once he saw the diapers and how they worked, he was all in. We had a little bit of a learning curve, but after a few days we had a pretty good system figured out. The first time I put them on her, she got a big smile and said "ahhhhh," I was pretty sure things were going to be good at that point!

My blog-friend Nichole switched just before us and it inspired me to finally give it a shot, so I went to Wee Bunz and Amy answered all my questions. We went with the Fuzzi Bunz perfect fit, and they are the most adorable things. I wish it was warmer so I could let her cruise around in just a diaper more often (then I would actually have some pictures!). The Fuzzi Bunz are great because they have both leg and waist adjustments, which is great for babies with chunky little thighs (I told Natalee they will likely be that way her whole life, it's in her genes). I figured that in about 2 months we will have just about paid for the initial cost of buying the diapers and the extra laundry isn't nearly as bad as I thought (I do one load of diapers once a day, sometimes every other day).

If we ever have any more babies, we will do this from the start… I am so excited about it now, I just have to tell anyone that is even considering it to go for it!

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Nichole said...

Glad that you are loving it! :o) Cannot wait to see some pictures!