Monday, November 2, 2009

Oh my, times have changed

Tonight I was looking at my facebook status and looking at my friends and it struck me how much times have changed... It wasn't that long ago that I was stressed about midterms and boyfriends and spent my free time partying with lots of friends in college. Now, I'm worried about mortgages and fevers and am super stoked about cloth diapering, baby wearing, and baby food making. I used to stay out all hours of the night, now I'm rarely up past 10, ha!

I was talking with a coworker today about Halloween, and it was funny to me to hear them talk about their wild adventures while I was thrilled with taking Natalee trick-or-treating (she was so dang cute!).

Times have sure changed, and all for the better if you ask me! (I'll work on getting some halloween pictures, but we still don't have our computer up and running).

Oh yeah... less than a month until Natalee's first birthday, I can't believe it!


McCloud Photography said...

Time changes to quickly sometimes but I have to agree it's for the better.
We have pics up from Halloween! They are on the blog.

Nichole said...

Yep, you were the closest! Enjoy your ice cream!

She is a big healthy girl! :o) Was she sick or just running a fever? Hope things are well and she is just teething or something!