Friday, December 11, 2009

100 (Random & Revised!) Things About Me

I’m re-vamping my ‘100 Things’ post… because I can, so there!
1.     I just read through my last ‘100 Things’ post, I hardly recognize that person I used to be.
2.      Laughing is my very favorite thing to do, especially laughing at myself.
3.     I went to college at Oregon State (Go Beavs!).
4.     I have a degree in Construction Engineering.
5.     I met my husband when he was a retriever trainer and trained my Labrador.
6.     We got married in a football stadium.
7.     I was an engineer on that stadium when it was built.
8.     I have two little girls: Natalee & Olive
9.     I am absolutely fanatical about the fall season.
10. I always root for the underdog.
11. I wish that is snowed here.
12.  I hate being cold.
13. I love heated blankets.
14. Someday I’m going to move to Alaska.
15. I am a Republican, but we can still be friends (because I respect you’re right to believe whatever you’d like to.)
16. Motherhood is not my favorite: I love my girls but don’t really like the “mommy” part. I think a lot of people feel this way but are afraid to say it out loud.
17. I can't stand when people don't clear the remaining time off of the microwave.
18. I shower, get dressed and dry my hair in the dark, every morning (don’t worry; I pick my clothes out the night before… with the lights on).
19. It drives me nuts when people turn off the car when the windshield wipers are halfway up the windshield.
20. I think baby gender should always be a surprise.
21. I’m obsessed with logic games; I can’t put them down once I start!
22. I believe it’s possible that yoga pants are the best thing that have ever happened to me.
23. More often than not, my floors are in need of a sweep.
24. My dog rules the house.
25. Wrangler jeans are my favorite.
26. I loathe high heeled shoes, yet I'm jealous of people that wear them.
27. My husband cooks me dinner every night (I'm so spoiled!)
28. I like starting work when it is still dark outside.
29. I love to sew… sometimes I wonder how I got so “wife-like”
30. I’m a morning person, except on the weekends…
31. I consider 8AM “sleeping in,” my college self would die knowing that I would eventually think that.
32. If I had the money, the very first thing I would buy myself would be new boobs… they would be AWESOME.
33. I could eat pancakes every day (no syrup, butter only please).
34. I usually throw my soda cans in the garbage, you should see the looks I get.
35. I like the music loud in the car
36. I’m ridiculously insecure.
37. I am terrible about saying ‘No.’
38. My favorite color is pink.
39. I am not very good with money, but I'm getting better.
40. I eat pizza with a fork (my husband thinks this is the strangest thing he has ever witnessed.)
41. I love having clean laundry, but I hate to put it away.
42. Fabric softener makes my world go ‘round (again with the wife-like, ugh).
43. I hope to visit NYC someday.
44. I would LOVE to go to South Africa.
45. I often speak and react without thinking; this gets me into lots of trouble.
46. Salmon is my very least favorite food, gross (but I do love to catch them!)
47. I can probably out shoot you with a shotgun or a bow.
48. I only like to eat the corners and edges of brownies.
49. I have a crazy amount of spatulas.
50. The spatula obsession is apparently genetic; you should see my dad's collection (I have spatula-envy)!
51. I don't drink milk, yuck.
52. Christmas is my very least favorite holiday, I might even say that I hate it.
53. I need coffee every day, this does not make me unique in any way.
54. I do enjoy acronyms.
55. I love the rain.
56. I kinda don’t “get” twitter. I can’t ever keep up.
57. Broccoli is the best vegetable ever, followed closely by asparagus.
58. Cheese makes everything taste better, well… almost everything.
59. My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.
60. I am completely unable to get a tan.
61. I like when electronics glow in blue (rather than green or amber).
62. I don't go anywhere without Kleenex.
63. I'm incredibly stubborn.
64. I really enjoy spreadsheets, and making lists.
65. The ability to laugh at myself has come in very useful.
66. I have 3 sisters and 1 brother.
67. My husband is the youngest of 3 boys and 1 girl.
68. I have nine nieces, and only two nephews.
69. My sister teaches high school and sometimes I think that would be such a fun job (she has great stories).
70. If I had the opportunity to go back to school, I would become a nurse.
71. I almost never carry any cash (I know this is not a good habit).
72. Target is my favorite store, followed closely by Costco.
73. There should be whipped cream on more desserts.
74. I don't like spicy food.
75. White gummy bears are my favorite, and gummy worms are awesome as well.
76. When it comes to fast food, you can't beat McDonald's French fries, and Burger King double cheeseburgers (no, I have never made 2 stops for 1 meal).
77. I can never turn down kids selling anything, especially Girl Scout cookies (that has nothing to do with the cookies, of course).
78. I want a German Shorthaired Pointer so bad. One that is white with brown spots and a brown head (but I'm not picky). I think I'll name her Penny. I would also love a St. Bernard, my husband would NEVER go for that.
79. I dip almost everything in ranch.
80. It really irks me when people can't spell, especially when they are using some sort of program where a spell check is available to them.
81. Sometimes my husband drives me totally batty, but I could not ever imagine my life without him. (I'm sure I return the favor to him!) His most annoying offense? Taking off his socks and leaving them on the living room floor. Really?!?
82. I’m a grammar Nazi.
83. My natural hair color is strawberry blonde, it is almost NEVER that color though.
84. Cool Ranch Doritos are alright, but Nacho Cheese are definitely the best choice.
85. Whoever invented the dimmer switch is brilliant. I have them in every room in my house.
86. I think time alone is really important, I need more of it.
87. Best candy bar: Snickers.
88. ‘Top Chef’ is my favorite reality show.
89. I have big feet, size 11… it’s nearly impossible to find cute shoes.
90. Nutmeg is my favorite spice.
91. My daughter has bilateral retinal Colobomas, at first I was terrified of it but now it is one of my favorite things about her!
92. I check multiple times per day; I have a little infatuation with celebrity gossip.
93. I am nearly incapable of not finishing projects, if I stop them I obsess until I can finally get back to it.
94. I just recently learned how to put on makeup, only took me 30 years. The 217 brush from MAC pretty much changed my life.
95. I prefer to sleep with the windows open, especially when it is cold outside (please note: I live in the valley in Oregon, it doesn’t get that cold here).
96. I believe iPhone>Android.
97. A hot bath is the very best way to end a day.
98. My husband makes the very best root beer floats. Yes, you can have a bad float if your ratios are not correct.
99. I enjoy watching ‘House Hunters’ on HGTV, but I get really annoyed when the pick the wrong house!
100.        It took me almost 2 months to make this list, apparently I’m not all that exciting.

Wow, I can't believe I got through that… did anyone actually read these? You should do it to, and then send me a link to it so that I can read it!


Brandy said...

great list! i feel like I know you so much better!

you can read mine here - but it's only 50 things and that was hard enough

Lyndsay said...

Wow! I can't believe how many of your 100 would work for my list too!

I'm slightly afraid when I read "I just came across a blog with a "200 things about me" post."... because I'm pretty sure that's me and then your next says "It really irks me when people can't spell"... I hope that wasn't me too!!