Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The gifts are all done... I got everything purchased, and all the handmade gifts are all sewn and wrapped. My husband kept warning me about waiting until the last minute for handmade gifts, so I was scared into being done a week early. I am actually a little sad that the crafting is finished, but I'm sure I can find some other projects to occupy my time. The only thing I have left to do is to organize Sean's treasure hunt, which should only take a few minutes (I hope). I just have to find those few minutes when he isn't around to get it done.

I've always been a bit (or a lot) of a grinch around Christmas time. I love what Christmas stands for, but I just really hate what it has become. Sean and I always argue over spending too much, but I'm afraid to do any less, lest I be judged by someone for not going big enough. This usually led to me way over spending. But I feel really good about all my handmade gifts this year, that have a ton more meaning than anything I've ever given, didn't break the bank, and I'm actually proud of them. Those that I've already given out have been very well received (so if that was an act, thank you for it).

This more "relaxed" approach to the holidays has given me some time to reflect on our life and just how amazingly blessed we are. We have each other, which is the biggest blessing of all, a great family, beautiful home, steady jobs, warm clothes, amazing friends, a beautiful daughter with a giggle that can warm anyones heart. What more could we ask for? How about trying to remember this all year long... I think that is a good goal for me to keep in mind in the coming months.

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