Thursday, December 24, 2009

Jackie’s Update

We got some somewhat good news, and some kinda bad news yesterday. After 10 days on antibiotics, we took Jackie back to the vet for a recheck. Our regular vet was finally back in town, so she has some new x-rays taken. As it turns out, Jackie does have a cancerous mass growing in her chest, but the vet said that it could be months or even years before it causes her any problems (let's not forget that Jackie is 14 years old). However, the coughing and gagging has been caused by Aspiration Pneumonia (AP), which she has already had twice before. It is almost all cleared up with the first round of antibiotics, but we will do one more to make sure that it is gone. The AP has a much higher risk of death at this moment than the cancer, so we are fortunate that it is clearing up.
I think this is the best Christmas gift that Sean could have asked for… we're looking forward to a few more with Jackie around!

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Lyndsay said...

Poor puppy!! I hope the pnuemonia clears up quickly and Jackie is feeling better really soon!