Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Let’s Talk About Values

It feels like my beliefs and values are really being tested lately, and I feel like it's a good thing to talk about. I don't think it is important to get into what those values are, but more about being true to them.
Now, I grew up in what is arguably one of the most liberal places in the country and I emerged from there as conservative as they come. I think that the older I've gotten, the more I keep scooting over to the right. I am proud to be a Republican and I believe in my right to make my feelings known. However, it seems that my beliefs and values are being questioned lately, in the sense that people close to me are basically telling me: "You need to change." And, even though my feelings may not be "right" in these particular situations, they run so deep and are so strong, that I cannot put them away or push them aside. I'm really struggling with this, I have said to my husband many times "I wish I could give in just a little, but I just can't," he always tells me that he loves that I have such strong beliefs and though he doesn't always agree, he is proud that I stay true to myself.
I called my sister-in-law the other day to vent about my frustrations, she said "these values don't come from nowhere, you have to have learned them somewhere." And then I started listening to my Dad, really listening… and wouldn't you know it, it was like he was speaking right from my heart. We may vocalize our feeling and beliefs in (very) different ways, but they are definitely on the same side of the issues.
I hope that I can pass along the same values to my daughter, but even if she believes in things differently than I do, I just hope that she believes in them whole heartedly and without wavering, even in the face of pressure, opposition or anger.


Brandy said...

It's good that even though you have very strong opinions - you are willing to let your daughter have different ones. that you don't have to be right. ya know what i mean?

Lyndsay said...

It's great that you have a husband who supports your beliefs even when they're not his own. That's awesome, and a great example for your daughter!

Anonymous said...

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