Friday, February 26, 2010


The other day I had a bit of a mental break. It was hard and it didn't feel good, but it happened. I wrote this post, and then I felt awful about it (side note: my favorite comments always come from those posts that I have to really fight myself to not take back down because they are too real and I'm afraid of what people will say). I was pretty down, and then I came across Holly's blog and I got a good dose of perspective. I took getting pregnant for granted, it was easy for me. Would I love my child any more or less if I had struggled? Probably not, but I need to be more grateful for her and this life that I live. I need to be more patient and understanding. I'm already working on these things and they are not easy. I shared these thoughts with my husband; he agreed that he needs to work on these things too. So, we will try together, succeed & fail together, learn together. I will keep sharing my failings & my successes, they are real and they are who I am.


Holly said...

I am so glad that my blog could help you in any way! And although I don't yet have children of my own I think everything you were feeling is totally normal and not at all terrible. There is a lot of unfair pressure that comes with motherhood but you love and care for your child and that's what matters.

I am glad that you and your husband are in this together, it's always nice to have someone in your corner.

Jessica Monte said...

I'm glad you are finding ways to keep growing as a parent. I also try to have a compassion for myself when I am in a learning moment; we are human.