Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bigger than words

A few months ago (it was probably longer than that, but I can't exactly remember), Natalee was having some trouble sleeping. She has always been a great sleeper and then suddenly, she wasn't. I tried all kinds of things and nothing helped. I put a note about it on Facebook, mostly out of frustration. I got a reply from a girl that I went to high school with; she had 2 kiddos and another on the way. She was like super-mom with amazingly adorable babies. I told my husband about her suggestions and we decided to try them out. Lo and behold, she slept all night again and every night after that. I crowned Carly the smartest mother alive. I would ask other things here and there, and her ideas always worked (I'm nowhere near done picking your brain, Carly). Shortly after this, her third baby was diagnosed in-utero with anencephaly. My heart broke for her, but I didn't (and still don't) know what to say. I think of her often, more than she probably realizes. I'm struggling everyday to try to be a good mother, and while I'm absolutely positive that she is struggling with things too, she is many-million times stronger than I will ever be. How do you tell someone you hardly know that they changed your life? Even though it is so insignificant and probably of no value to them, their heartbreak is teaching others to grow in love, patience & kindness.
Carly & her family could use your thoughts and prayers as they continue to grieve for the loss of their child.
P.S Happy posts coming soon!


Brandy said...

I bet that these words here mean a lot to her

Holly said...

I agree with Brandy I have no doubt that this post would be very meaningful to Carly. She and her family are in my prayers.

I also wanted to let you know there is an award for you on my blog, check it out

Colleen said...

I'll keep her in my prayers. Both my mother and another friend that I know has dealt with this. I cannot even imagine how hard this is for her.