Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hidden Messages

UPDATE: It was nothing... thanks for the positive thoughts:-)

This is one of those things that has me all worked up, probably for nothing. Writing it out usually makes me feel better, so here goes.
Last night I took Natalee to her 15 month well check (she is a super healthy kid, yay!). I get to the car and have a message left at 6pm. This is what it says: "Hi Lindsey, this is Mary from Dr. B's office. Could you give me a call back in the morning please?" Here is what I heard: "Hi Lindsey, it's the doctor's office, you've got a deadly disease, please call me back right away." So, I'm all freaked out and trying to figure out what I could be dying of. My husband is out of town but tries to calm me down over the phone. I settle down finally… it's most likely nothing, or something totally insignificant.
The office opens at 7:30, I start calling at 7:30, but the answering service answers until 8:30. So I wait for the longest hour ever. I finally get a human on the phone, it goes something like this:
Me: "I was told to call back in the morning, could I please speak with Mary."
Receptionist: "Mary & Dr. B aren't in on Tuesday's, could I take a message?"
Me: "She called at 6pm last night and said something was wrong, I was told to call back in the morning."
Receptionist: "She left a message that something was wrong?"
Me: "Do they call when something isn't?"
Receptionist: Silence… "Point taken. I'll have them call you tomorrow, and I'll tell them that you're anxious to hear back."
Oh, well… that makes it all better doesn't it? I guess the fact that she didn't say to come in right away or something like that makes it a little less ominous. My overreaction ability is in full force today and I'm imagining all the horrible things I will hear. Most likely I will hear something like: "The lab spilled your blood, can you come in again?" or "Did you want me to call in a new prescription for birth control?" and then I will feel 1) relieved 2) like a jerk for being all angry and 3) totally stupid for getting so worked up.
OK, end of rant for today… In other news, I'm going to see an orthodontist today, I had braces for like 7 years as a kid (no lie), isn't that enough torture for one lifetime? Hopefully the answer there is: "I can fix that super easy, super cheap & totally pain free!" Here's to hopingJ


Brandy said...

omgosh- I would be worrying too but I bet you it's no big deal *fingers crossed* why would they even do that to you?!

and dentists are dumb

Colleen said...

Goodness, that sounds nerve wracking! I'm sure it's no big deal, but do blog to let us know.

Colleen said...

Glad to hear it was nothing!