Thursday, March 4, 2010

Shopper’s Remorse

I have just a little bit of a rant this morning. I don't usually use this as a place to tell about my (negative) shopping experiences… but this one irked me just enough to jot it down.

So, Sean and I have been looking for a "run-around" car for a while now. We looked online and found some nice cars in the Portland area but would have preferred to buy locally and keep our money in the community. We have done a ton of research and decided on a used Accord and figured out how much was reasonable. We found a car that matched what we were looking for at the local dealership. We went out there THREE times and never had anyone offer to help us, or even say hello. Whatever, I thought the car was ok and so I came home and filled out their "make an offer" form online, immediately I got 3 generic, computer generated emails and then nothing for hours. I'm in no hurry to buy, but I don't think a personal response is too much to ask. I didn't get a response until I sent another email asking what was going on. I made a low, but reasonable offer… it was meant as a "starting point." I got back a totally demeaning email about Kelly Blue Book values and how much cars cost (she also threw in there that it was owned by a little old lady, is that supposed to mean something to me?). I can't stand sales games, and telling me that (basically) I'm dumb is definitely not the best approach. While she admitted in this email that the car was priced $200 over blue book, they were willing to only come down a total of $600. I made another offer and she wrote back that "obviously, we cannot come to an agreement here." And that was it. No negotiating whatsoever. I find it hard to believe that times are so good that a dealership is totally unwilling to negotiate. Apparently, this wasn't the car we were meant to have and Bill Roger's Honda doesn't need our business anyway.

And PS, Bill Roger's, if we had been handled differently and couldn't agree on a price on that car, there is a good chance we would have liked to purchase a different one from you. I am so disappointed in my experience there.


Brandy said...

I'm thinking that bill rogers can suck it.

Corinne said...

What a horrible experience. Glad you posted your story, let everyone know what crappy customer service they have.

Colleen said...

You would think that in this economy, they would know better than to treat a potential customer that way. I'm sure that you are better off without them.
You should go to google, type them in, and write a review there!