Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I took some pictures of a friends new baby recently... I can't share them, cause you know, she's not my baby. But, I did want to post just this one little picture, since it's just toes (and diamonds!).
Baby feet are just so dang cute!
I haven't been writing much lately, because, well... there hasn't been much going on. My friend Aaron, who owns Raleigh (a totally awesome dog, son of our Shelly, who we sold to him just before Natalee was born), is going to Hawaii this week for his 30th birthday (I kinda hate him for that, the Hawaii part, not the 30th part). We're going to keep Raleigh for about 10 days. I'm looking forward to it, he's the coolest dog (except for ours, ya know). We'll get him all spoiled and send him home... kinda like grandparents do. (Except that Sean will be doing his training thing and he'll actually go home more well behaved than he came, but whatever).
Speaking of how cool my dog is... look at this shot Brandy got when Natalee was still just teeny tiny and Shelly wanted to love her:

Oh, and this one of Shelly & Our Beloved Jackie:

See, obviously nothing much going on cause I'm rambling about a dog...It's NHL playoff time, which means all Hockey all the time in our house. Please shoot me now. Oh, and Go Penguins!


Colleen said...

The pictures are just overflowing with sweetness! First baby toes, then the two puppies and the baby... adorable.

Brandy said...

those pictures are awesome. i heart labs.

Lyndsay said...

Great job with the baby toes shot!! Want to come here and do family pictures for us?? Kay thanks!

Corinne said...

boo Penguins!!! baby feet are so cute.

Jessica Monte said...

I love the baby's toes and diamond rings. Very creative. Also, have fun with your pup . . . our neighbors always seem to enjoy dog sitting for their friends. It actually makes me ache for one (though a certain kitty has my heart right now and is very house dominate).

Anyway, great pics!

Karen said...

She looks so tiny....sweet but so much more FUN now!