Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wedding Throwback

Recently, Ashley posted a series of photos from her wedding and I was inspired to do a post with ours. I absolutly had the wedding of my dreams! (Oh, sorry Brandy... I had to use some of these from flickr cause the files were just too large to upload all of them)
Here is a little background: I graduated from Oregon State University with an engineering degree. My family is full of die-hard Beaver fans. My first job out of college was working as an engineer for the construction company building the new OSU football stadium. Towards the end of construction I asked the facility managers: "Can I get married here?" they laughed and said "Sure, do you have anyone in mind?" I told them No, but I would be back, someday. When the project ended, I cashed in all my vacation time and put my dog into training and ended up marrying the dog trainer. Ok, so here we go! Our wedding was all fall themed (my very favorite time of year... we got married October 20, 2007).
We got ready in the Suite level, the girls got the President Suite. It has a great view!
Some of my girls helping tie my dress. They did a good job, I didn't have to pull it up even once!
Me and my mom... I didn't get my height from her, obviously :-)
Off to the side of the Club Level (where we got married), they had a whole arcade. The University offered to drape it off, instead I asked them to make al the games free. The kids that came to the wedding loved it, obviously so did the guys (and so did the parents who didn't have to entertain their kids).

Here is me with all my flower girls. They are all my husband's nieces and I love them like crazy.

I fall in love with that smile over and over again...
Right before he saw me for the first time:

Some fun group shots (yeah, I had a huge wedding party) 

Can you see us up there?

A little inappropriate, just like me (I had great boobs before baby...)
Let's do this...
Both my dads walked me down the aisle
My Aunt Kerry got ordained online so that she could marry us. She is one of the funniest people I've ever met and our wedding was no exception. She didn't tell us anything she was going to say and she had everyone laughing
And even some tears
We had lots of fun little details. This was on the bar and we had a lot of fun reading what people had to say.
Sean and my dad, sharing a special dance.
We danced all night long...
We had so much fun, everything turned out so wonderful...
If you're still with me, hope you enjoyed... and share yours too!
**All photos are copyrighted by McCloud Photography, I co-own the copyright and have the right to display these images. Please do not copy or use any of these issues without permission.**


Lyndsay said...

You look beeeautiful chickie, and it looks like your special day was tons of FUN!! I danced all night at my wedding too... it was great.

You've inspired me.... I'll do a wedding post sometime this week!

Brandy said...

What a beautiful wedding dress. Your wedding was awesome. I bet you loved that you made it so unique. Chris and I eloped. And i still wouldn't change it. I like your hubbys tux too. Very cool. I looked at your post on my phone so no flickr issues.

Melissa said...

Beautiful Lindsey! What a fun wedding! Loved your hair and your dress!

Colleen said...

What an incredibly cool wedding! The stadium looks like it was both a beautiful and fun venue. I love that you did things your own way and made it fun for everyone.

Peppermint Ph.D. said...

I also think it's really cool that you made your special day your very own. Weddings with such personal touches are the most memorable. :)

Karen said...

Your pictures still bring tears of joy to me. You were a beautiful bride and still a beautiful Mom/Wife. Hugs forever! Mom