Friday, May 14, 2010

Five Question Friday

It's time once again for Five Question Friday! Here's an idea, how about everyone that doesn't take part in this... leave your answers in a comment, come out of hiding lurkers (yes, Christin, I'm talking to you! And how about you, Emily... and all the rest of you too! ) It really is fun.
1. Take your night, girls night out, or night out alone?
Let's see... Date night, but mostly because a night home alone wasn't an option:-) I like to have girls night at my house every now and then and we always have a great time... I'm just not a huge fan of girls night out, probably because I don't drink and I'm usually in bed by 10.

2. Can you touch your nose with your tongue?
I can! It barely touches, but it gets there... I can also curl my tounge, have a slight widows peak and my second toe is longer than my big toe. Aren't those the "genetic" questions you ask people for your 8th grade genetics project?
3. What is your favorite flower and why?
This one is easy... Gerbera Daisies, love them! I love that they are big and come is so many colors and there is just something adorable and whimsical about them. I planted some last year and they are coming back! I'm so excited about that, and will probably buy way too many this year in hopes that it will happen again (I'm new to this whole "gardening" thing... but my tomatoes & strawberries look great!).

4. If you could go back in time, what advice would you give yourself?
Enjoy this! This, right here, this exact moment in time... whatever moment is happens to be, you'll never get it back! Oh, and don't use credit cards, keep driving your old car & don't order the crab pasta. Also, don't get a perm.

5. If you won the lottery, what is the very first thing you would do?
This should be something responsible, like "pay off my house" or "call an accountant" but let's be honest here... there would be a new boat, a new truck and a new travel trailer in the driveway before you could even look up the number of an accountant... and THEN I would do all those responsible things...And then I would buy another house, a big one on lots of land far far away from everything.
That was fun! Head on over to Mama M's and check out what everyone else had to say on this beautiful Friday morning!


Brandy said...

i think everybody picked gerbera daisies. and i totally have all my lottery winnings planned out. even though i never buy a ticket. if i could go back in time I would say credit cards are the devil

Colleen said...

I like the advice that you'd give yourself, especially the perm. :)

I can't touch my nose with my tongue, not even close. And if I had to choose between date night and a girls night, I'd say girls night only because I've had several date nights in the last week.

Anonymous said...

That is such great advice and something I need to remember every day!

Stopping by from Mama M's! Happy Friday!

Beth McC. said...

I love all of your answers, so fun! Your blog is too cute! Hope you have a great weekend!

Karen said...

You are too this side of you! Keep it coming. XO Mom