Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

I think it's time to participate in Random Tuesday Thoughts again, brought to you by The Unmom... go check it out (after you finish here, of course).

Today I really wished that I was still in college, only cause in college I could hit the alarm and decide I was going to stay in bed. I didn't sleep well at all last night and the night before Natalee had a rough night so I was up with her. I'm exhausted. Also, we're out of bagels.

Our dishwasher broke last night... if its not one thing, its another. I'll call someone to look at it today, but Sean says to just be prepared to buy a new one (hello, this PROFESSIONAL series washer is less than 2 years old). If I have to buy another one, I'm going cheap this time.

We have a pocket door between the kitchen and laundry room, when we moved in there was just a hole cut out but no handle. It's been almost 2 years and we finally got a handle. It looks so much better!

I told Sean we needed to clean out his t-shirts this weekend. He ended up keeping 63 shirts and getting rid of one...ONE. Hello! Who needs 63 t-shirts? He also decided that he would like them hung up instead of folded on his shelf. So I went to target to purchase 60 new hangers. The lady behind me in line was really intrigued. When I told her the story she thought that maybe we were married to the same man. Sean asked me to hang them in color order like my clothes are, obviously he is getting a little too comfortable lately.

I'm trying to drink more water, less soda. It seems to be working, except that I have to go to the bathroom like every 20 minutes, that sucks. Oh, but it has given me a great idea for a future post, I just need to sit down and write it.

Ah, I think that's enough for now... oh wait, head over to Brandy's and enter her giveaways for some cool stuff!


Brandy said...

awww - i feel so special to be mentioned in your blog. I used to try to hang chris's tshirts. then I tried to fold them and put them in the dresser - now I just throw them on the dresser - IF they make it out of the laundry basket. don't judge.

Corinne said...

I hang up our shirts. Mostly because we don't have enough room in our dresser. Husbands can be pretty silly sometimes...who needs that many t-shirts.

Lyndsay said...

"obviously he is getting a little too comfortable lately" - funny!!!

That's totally something my hubby would ask me to do too.

Karen said...

Love your blog....I didn't know you were so funny. Thanks for making me smile more! XO

natalee said...

ok Linsay.. i found you from my girl Brandy.... I almost fainted when i saw you write Natalee... I mean there are not that many of us with two.. ees.. we are destined to be blog buddies.. im following you now...hugs

natalee said...

Lindsay..sorry i missed the D..in the last comment.. i wast typing while holding a kid in a headlock..lol

natalee said...

Lindsey..and again with the a..instead of e.. I need coffee...LOL