Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'll Show You Mine...

The other day, I was writing about my favorite part of my house... and I realized that I don't have hardly any pictures of our house except for the ones when it was empty before we moved in. And the some people told me I should take pictures of the house to share, so here we are!
How about a little background first. Before Sean and I even got married, we started looking for a house. I already owned a home but it was way too small if we ever wanted to add to our family. We looked at hundreds of homes, but Sean didn't like any of them. So we decided to build, we looked at tons of lots before we finally found one. We easily agreed on a builder and we started. We drew up our dream house and we were prepared to spend way too much money on the house. Then, one day I was online and came across a house that we had already looked at (it was too expensive though). It had a lower price so I decided to call. Turns out, the construction loan had been foreclosed and the bank was listing it. We threw a ridiculously low number at it ($150k below asking), and they countered $5k higher. We backed out of the house we were going to build (luckily, we hadn't signed anything yet) and are so thankful since we both lost our jobs shortly after this happened but could still afford the mortgage here. I always feel like this house found us, it's where we belong.
This is coming in the front door. These are SOOC, wish I could photoshop out all the messes... but it's who we are, what can I say?

Off to the right is the kitchen and beyond there is the breakfast nook. If you come in the front door and turn directly to your right is the dining room. We never use it, and it has Costco folding tables in there. High class.
The kitchen is one of the favorite things about my house... eventually we plan to slide the cabinets down and put in a 48" range. But it will be a long time before that happens.
We have three bedrooms and a huge bonus room over the garage (my sewing/crafting room), but I didn't take pictures of those as they aren't very exciting. Well, none of this is exciting, but whatever...
This is our bedroom:

Our bathroom:

This is hubby's favorite room. He loves to show people the bathroom. He's a little strange sometimes:
(I thought it was a good use of my fish eye lens...)

And here is my second favorite part of the house. This closet is bigger than most bedrooms I've had in my life. I wish I could get a picture that actually shows the size, you'll have to just imagine:

I want to put an island in the middle because it's kind of wasted space, but Sean just can't "see" what I am envisioning...
So that's most of it... you should share yours now. I love seeing where people live...
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Sheila said...

I don't think I can talk to you and your huge-closet-having-self!!! UGH! Hate you a little bit for that! :)
When we were lookin at houses, we looked at one and i was TOTALLY sold on it BECAUSE of the closet! NO JOKE....it was the same size as one of the "regular" bedrooms! And it DID have an island in it....drawer on the island....it was pure HEAVEN! Oh....how I wanted that house....but it was only 3 bedroom and we needed 4! Dang kids! LOL!

Amie said...

I adore your kitchen. And for some reason (though I'm not sure at all what it might be) that little bitty wall protecting your toilet just made my day.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

I am SO jealous of your walk-in closet! Our house has 1-1/2 closets in the entire house. It was built in 1817 and they didn't have closets back then. So the former owners added 1 closet to one bedroom and a 1/2 closet in another. Princess Nagger's room has no closets, so she shares one with me, and hubby gets the 1/2 closet. Our next house will have closets. And a big kitchen with an island. I can envision an island in the closet - something with drawers (or cubbies for shoes) would totally work! :)

RTT: Stylin', Rats, Frogs and Princss Nagger

Brandy said...

it is absolutely gorgeous. and what a steal. I wish a deal like that would fall in our lap.

natalee said...

Love your house...and its as neat as a pin...!!!!!!