Friday, July 23, 2010

7 Weeks

Note: This is being written at 7 weeks, but won't be posted until after we make our little announcement.
Ahem, today we are 7 weeks... I think. We have an ultrasound this afternoon to be sure of dates. There is a slight chance that I ovulated a little early and we could be off by a day or two. We think this is may be possible because I had a positive pregnancy test super-crazy-early in my cycle (like cycle day 21). Also, I've been sick as hell. Way way worse than with Natalee. This makes keeping up with Natalee nearly impossible. Thank God for Sean being a great husband (except when he is working on that stupid boat). Oh, and thank God for zofran. Seriously, that is the best stuff ever made.
Somehow I'm packing on pounds without being able to eat. By "packing on" I mean like 3. Which may not seem like much, but I'm freaked out about it. This happened last time though, I put on weight in the first couple months, lost it and then didn't gain anymore until like 22 or 24 weeks. Side note: When my mom was pregnant with my sister and I, she gained 11 and 13 pounds, respectively. And she was a tiny little thing. I kinda got her genes in this situation, but not quite as good as hers (we were both like 7 1/2 pounds). She wore her size 2 jeans home from the hospital. Bitch.
As for cravings, nothing really sounds good. But, when I'm hungy I need to eat like rightnow or things go downhill pretty quick. Once I am able to eat, I feel so much better.I am liking bagels and cream cheese (same as last time), but I'm still not able to eat pancakes. That will come. Sean keeps making them for me and then I feel bad because I can't choke them down.
We're hoping for some good news in about 7 hours!


Brandy said...

secret baby hoarder.

Lyndsay said...

I'm looking forward to many months of these pregnancy posts!! So happy for you guys.

natalee said...

woo hooo congrats my friend!!!!!!