Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Random Tuesday, Again!

Ah, yes... Random Tuesday, we meet again.
So, we've apparently taken in another dog. This one is my Brother-in-Laws 8 month old black lab (do you notice a dog breed theme here?). She is wild, hence the need for the training. This one is going to be fun. However, Seans brother is staying with us for a couple days... this is pretty awesome because he gets projects done, he gets Sean motiviated and they start doing things. Yesterday they cut down the trees so that we can move our fence (the builders put our fence in 4' short of our property line so they didn't have to cut down the trees), and cleaned up the garage. Today they will work on the fence and putting in new attic vents, since we hardly have any.
On the flip side of all this good stuff... he has the loudest phone ringer I've ever heard, and it rang at 4:30 this morning, and then again at 5AM. We'll be talking about this tonight.
Here is a photo of me exactly one day before Natalee was born. It's hard to tell, but I'm wearing regular jeans, (unbottoned, of course, but still... regular jeans) how the heck is it that I'm all of 10 weeks pregnant and loving my elastic waist maternity jeans already? Ridiculous.
OK, that's about all I got today. Click on the purple banner below and check out more random!



Kaitlin said...

Aw you were a tiny little preggo! I love Labs. They're my favorite. My fur babies are half Husky and half Lab.

Sheila said...

i hate you for being that preggo and skinny!!!
So...now you can officially hate me for going to the lake! LOL!

Julie said...

My husband sometimes forgets to turn off his phone alarm...and it goes off at horrible times in the morning...drives me nuts! congrats on the pregnancy!