Friday, September 17, 2010

Five Question Friday!

It's Friday, It's Friday, It's Friday!!!! Yay! Hubby is coming home today and I'm headed out for a pedicure in the morning, a well deserved pedicure:-)

1. What is the first nightmare you remember?
Hmm... I don't remember any particular nightmare specifically but I do remember that I was always afraid of the shower at night. When I would have to use the bathroom at night I was always sure that there was someone hiding in the shower waiting to get me. And my parents bedroom was on the other side of the house from mine, so I had to get up and walk down the hall and across the living room to get to them. That was usually scarier than just staying in my bed (even though looking back, our house was not very wasn't really that far to go).

2. Even if you're not a sports fan, what's your favorite sport to play/watch?
Oh, that's an easy one... college football. I love to watch the Beavers play and I love the football parties, lots of great friends, food and fall weather outside. It can't be beat (except when you actually get to go to the game).

3. If you could pull off one piece of trendy fashion, what would you want it to be (jeggings, hats, thigh high boots, etc.)?
It would definitely be something like thigh high boots. I wish I had great legs that would look good in something like that. I'm not much for fashion, but I came across the Rachel Zoe show on Bravo the other day (I'm not sure what it's called). Anyway, I love it... I love all the fashion-y things they go do, and they pick out these outfits and when you see each piece I'm like "Um, yeah right..." and then it all comes together in a totally adorable outfit. Oh, and I like seeing these "perfect" people try on clothes that just don't work for them. Makes me feel better that they don't look good in everything.

4. Did you make good grades in school?
I did pretty good. I was on honor roll through high school, did well my first term of college and then switched to Engineering. I did HORRIBLE my first term, turns out that you actually have to STUDY when you're an engineering major (who knew?). Once I got that little detail figured out I did alright but it was still a pretty tough program.

5. What magazines do you subscribe to?
Well, my mom gets them for me. I get In Style, Health and Parents. I am going to cut back and maybe just get Sunset cause I like the house stuff and I like that it's regional so it has ideas that are relevant to living in the Pacific Northwest. I used to get People, wish I still did... but it's kinda expensive and weekly magazines can be hard to keep up with.
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Brandy@YDK said...

I love me some college football and trashy tabloids.

Mrs. Werginz said...

Visiting form 5Qf...I didn't know what studying was until I went to college! Yay on your baby being the size of an orange! I love it!