Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

It's time to get a little random again... I think these are my favorite posts, because there really isn't too much meaning and sometimes I get some great feedback from people. Comments make me happy, did you know that?
I'm so over the top excited for new tv shows this week. It feels like it has been YEARS since we got new shows to watch. Besides The Secret Life of the American Teenager (don't judge me).
We ordered new furniture on August 21st... I've been soooo excited to get it. We got a new sofa, loveseat and recliner as well as new furniture for Natalee's big girl room. It was time for some real grown up furniture and we had been looking for a long long time. I called yesterday and it won't be in until sometime during the week of October 1st. Are you kidding me? That seems like forever from now.
Speaking of Natalee's new room, we decided on yellow walls (sorry Aimee) and I'm going to try to stencil some white flowers around the border of the room with pink and blue centers. I'm not all that great with stuff like that, but Sean said he'd just paint yellow over it if it didn't look good.
Oh, let's talk about paint for just a second here. Natalee and I went to Home Depot to pick out a paint color to paint the bathroom... while I was grabbing a color sample, Natalee somehow managed to get her hands on one of those bottles of paint that you can take home and paint a sample with, I bought three of them last week and practically needed channel locks to get the things open so I didn't worry too much. Apparently that kid is stronger than me. She opened it and spilled it all down the front of her adorable little smock top she had on. I was totally paralyzed trying to figure out what to do. I stripped off her top (she had another under it) and ran to the bathroom to rinse it out. We got some paper towels and a plastic bag, paid for the paint and went home. I washed the shirt and it all came out, on top of that... the paint she choose, that I was forced to purchase, was the perfect color for the center of the flowers I'm going to paint. I guess it wasn't all bad. But the point here is: Bad mommy...
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Lyndsay said...

I think Natalee was just making her preference known. Too funny.

Have you considered vinyl wall stickers instead of stencilling? Stencilling sounds like a lot of work. I want to get a brance with birdies on it for Munchie's room. Etsy is full of super-cute wall stickers.

And I am (sadly, pathetically) so excited for the new shows to start too. Hubs is working late tonight and I am putting Munchie to bed early and getting myself comfy on the couch! (I lead a wild life.)

Have a good day friend!

Lyndsay said...

branch, not brance

Melissa said...

I absolutely can't wait for the new TV shows...especially Grey's Anatomy!!

I can't believe you got the paint out of her shirt, that's amazing!

Funny story about those little paint jars. Last year when we bought our house, we went to the local home improvement store about 20 times a week (not kidding). After trying a few colors that were horrible, I decided to grab a few more samples the next time we went. Later that night, as we were sitting in a restaurant, I looked down in my purse and there was one of those paint jars. When I put it in the cart, I apparently threw it in my open purse...oops

We went back to the store and I apologized profusely and wanted to pay for it. The manager, who knew us by then, just laughed and thanked us for our honesty.

kimert said...

I am totally excited about tv this fall!
So sorry about the paint incident but you rock for being able to get the paint out!!!

Kaitlin (ahmymarriedlife) said...

I'm pretty excited about new TV shows too! I love TV and that's not really a good thing, haha.

I can't wait to see what you do with Natalee's room! You better post pictures! :)

Brandy@YDK said...

damn blogger ate my comment

poor natalee about the paint. what a mess!

and I can't wait to see pictures of all the new furniture - because no pictures mean it didn't happen

Stacy Uncorked said...

It does seem like forever since new shows have been on - this week is a good week of premiers for sure!

Why does it seem like 'child resistant' caps are more 'adult resistant'? So glad you were able to get the paint out of her top - and that it was the perfect color for what you are planning to do! :)

RTT: Summer's End, Winemaking and Barf

natalee said...

you got paint OUT??? WOW!! I love yellow rooms... you better take pix..