Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy & Well, Uh...

I missed Random Tuesday because I was out of town. It was great to get away for a long weekend. Lyndsay did a fun post today, so I’m going to steal her idea.

Things that are making me happy:

Sean and I just got back from 4 days in Denver. We had so much fun! One of his best friends got married, it was a beautiful wedding and she is an amazing woman, he’s a lucky guy. Besides the wedding, we just went exploring, it is beautiful there. We went to the Coors brewery, the 16th Street Mall, Bass Pro Shops, and Estes Park. This was our first airplane getaway together.

Sean read a book on potty training and he has decided that he can take care of it. I’m excited about the potty training AND the big interest Sean has taken in it. (Crossing fingers that it works and he doesn’t get too frustrated).

My cousin is getting married this weekend; it should be a super fun wedding. Natalee is going to have so much fun dancing.

Things that are not making me happy:

It’s the middle of October, the leaves have hardly turned and it’s not even cold out. I’m still wearing short sleeves. I am so ready for all my warm, cozy, adorable sweaters.

I hate to wear makeup, but I feel lately like I really NEED to. I’ve never worn it on a daily basis. I need to figure out something light and easy that will get the job done with minimal effort and not really look like I’m wearing much.

This baby hardly moves. I’m 19 weeks now and almost nothing. Natalee started moving regularly at 17 weeks and I thought it would be sooner this time. It would sure put my mind at ease if he or she would just wiggle.

Natalee doesn’t care to go to bed anymore, I knew this was probably coming but it still sucks. I’m hopeful that maybe the new big girl bed will help.

Things I’m not sure about:

Brandy finished her quilt, it got me inspired to finally finish mine (it only needs binding done, but it’s been sitting for about 4 months). But leaving Natalee and Sean to go sit upstairs is hard sometimes. I always feel rushed, even when I’m not.

My DVR is overflowing… when in the world am I going to have time to watch all of those shows?

I’m starving and it’s lunch time, I brought spaghetti-o’s. Meh… they’ll have to work.


Brandy@YDK said...

AWWW - you put my name and a link and everything.

I'm glad you had fun in denver. I wish I could go somewhere.

sorry to hear he's not wiggling as much as you'd like

Karen said...

Sounds like you had fun but not much rest. Tell Sean this is the time to pamper you cause it will be ending soon!

Pulliams said...

I'll share my potty training tips if you're interested but if not i'll keep my comments to myself. I feel you on the baby moving thing, I felt Elle by now and haven't felt this baby yet :( As far as make up goes, I absolutely love and couldn't live without aveda tinted moisturizer, i could go on but i'll spare you, at least check it out! Natalee and her bed, oh dear, story of my life with Rylan. I have no helpful words here other than it will get better, who knows how long it will take, hang in there, it's honestly been one of the hardest things I've dealt with as a mom thus far. I might have missed it-did you have your ultrasound? Ours is November 4th, trying to decide to find out or not, probably will cause I'm just not that patient.

Colleen said...

Good luck on the potty training. I've never loved doing it, but it eventually gets done and it's a wonderful thing!

Lyndsay said...

I want to make a quilt. Was it hard? I thought it might be a good project when I'm sitting on the couch in January after my surgery.

Holly said...

I'm kinda anxious about the wiggling too. I'm not quite 16 weeks yet but EVERYONE keeps asking me if I feel movement yet and it's making wish I was, but I know it will come soon.

Good luck with the potty training efforts! hope it goes smoothly and easily :)

Anonymous said...

Todo dinбmica y muy positiva! :)
Have a nice day