Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Time to get Random

It's random Tuesday... it's also the day that we are going to another ultrasound, but this one should be kinda cool. As time goes on there is more and more to see in there. I'm just hoping we don't see too much. I was wavering in my decision not to find out the gender... we won't (or we're gonna try really hard not to). Having people share their delivery room discovery moments makes me want to wait:-)
I think someone is stealing water from us. Our water bill this month was astronomical... Sean says that I'm bathing Natalee too much. Seriously, he said that. We don't appear to have a leak and we turned off our spinklers but we still had a $140 bill.
Working with the public has exposed me to a whole new subset of people... I'm thinking about starting an online log of the people that I run into on a regular basis (ok, not really... but it might be funny). Some of my favorites: The lady with the sign that says "Homeless, anything helps" standing on the street corner while talking on her cell phone. Oh! Or the guy and his lady-friend walking down the street hand in hand, carrying a GIANT biohazard container.
I got Natalee her own iPad app yesterday... it's called My First Words, it's basically flashcards where a picture comes up and the word of what it is, then it says that word. She played for quite a while, repeating the words... since I don't even usually let her look at the iPad she was totally stoked to get to hold it all by herself.
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Tiaras said...

holy carp that is a huge water bill - we just got a $54 one and i was ticked!

Nicole said...

Love the boihazard folks.

Our last high water bill was from a leak. But it was very obvious: it caused a giant lawn pimple in the front yard. I guess your kiddo is too clean after all. ;-)

brandy-son Zen master flash said...

Hi I found you via The Un Mom. I think keeping a list of the people you come acrossed would be great! Working with the public is ont my cup of tea! People are just so strange

Brandy@YDK said...

you know - now that Natalee knows the awesomeness of the ipad - you are so screwed.