Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bar Stool Blitz

Thanksgiving is almost here! We're hosting again this year... last year that meant about 50 people over for dinner. I absolutly LOVE that we have the space to do these types of things, but the problem is seating... Last year we threw a whole bunch of tables together and made a gigantic dining table. This year, I was thinking about also adding some bar stools to the tall counter, but it's high and it's been so hard to find extra tall bar stools. We've been looking since we moved in. But yesterday I found some options after browsing around I need help though, cause I'm terrible at choosing that kind of stuff.
Here is our kitchen at Thanksgiving last year (Madness):
Here is our kitchen on a normal day:

That bar wraps all the way around, but do we put stools from end to end? Or just on the part that is on the tile floor? I think we could easily put 4 over there. I'm not sure... I think I like something like this one:
This one is Made in the USA, which is a H.U.G.E. deal for us, but Sean wants something that swivels... do you think swiveling is that important? 
I'm not sure about the whole thing... So I'm begging for input from those much more stylish than I am (and also, it's hard to think critically about your own home sometimes). And soon, I'll be asking for similar help with my poor, boring (but huge and wonderful) master bath.


Amie said...

I'd rather have a back than a swivel. But in my experience, the people who usually end up sitting at the bar are kids, and kids like to swivel. That said - stools are hard to find. If you find ones that look right and cost the right amount, who cares if they swivel or have backs?

Emily Burton said...

Ours don't swivel, but it would be a nice feature. At a bar type setting you are sitting side-by-side and it would be nice to turn toward the person with whom you are conversing. Most people turn their bodies on the barstool if it doesn't swivel so if the swivel feature is a large added cost, I would be fine without it. Also, the swivel ones I have seen don't always have the trendier styles...however, it has been years since I have looked at barstools.

Lyndsay said...

To me that bar looks like the perfect place to put all the dishes of food. How did you serve dinner last year? 50 people... wow.

I like that stool. I can see why one that swivels might be convenient at times, but I find the non-swivel ones are prettier.

Sheila said...

My vote - NO SWIVELS!! Not with little kids...someone is BOUND to get hurt!!

Brandy@YDK said...

I agree - no swivels - we have these chairs -

Nichole said...

I have to say that I like a chair that swivels, but I don't think that it is 100% necessary. Plus, I agree with other posts that it could spell danger for kids!

I left you an award on my blog! Check it out!

Karen said...

I like the ones you picked out but I vote for no swivel as they get beat up by hitting the counter. Also, a little less stable for the little ones and with tile floor it could be an accident waiting to happen.