Friday, November 19, 2010

Five Question Friday

Friday!! I'm the only inspector here today and all of us have big projects going, so it's either going to be a long, hard day... or its going to be fast and busy. (On my knees begging for the fast option).
Last night Natalee got up at 12:30 to go to the bathroom... she said she didn't like those wet sheets she had the night before. I guess letting them stumble once in a while really is a good thing, hu?
Oh, and I love you all for the nice things you had to say about my crappy day, it made me feel so much better. And also, I am LOVING LOVING the emails about differences in pregnancy symptoms. So far Nichole is the only one that had 2 pregnancies with the same symptoms and different genders. Oh, and Amie is the blogger I am most excited to get a pregnancy announcement from (hey, it could happen), if she blogs about it it will be hilarious. The sitcom writers will be stalking her blog.
OK, enough about that... lets get on to 5 Question Friday, shall we?

1. What Christmas song do you loathe?

I like the classics... I generally can't stand anything that has been re-done or that is written recently. There are some remakes that I love. My mom has "A Very Special Christmas" which is all remakes but I LOVE it... I have great memories that go along with those songs. Hey, maybe my mom can dig it up and bring it to me (hint, hint).
2. Do you and your significant other cuddle at night or sleep on opposite sides of the bed?
Generally, we sleep apart. Neither of us like to be hot at night. Usually we get into bed and I'm freezing, so I cuddle up to him to warm up a little, I like his warm feet and he likes my cold feet. A perfect match. Then we both turn over and go to sleep.
3. Have you ever had surgery?
Yeah, too many... I'm a klutz. I had my appendix out when I was 10, I had both of my ankles reconstructed a few years apart, and when I broke my shoulder I had to have that pinned back together. I'm hoping to avoid any more in the future.
4. When do you typically have your holiday shopping done?
Is it ever actually done? I always have great intentions and then end up running around on Christmas Eve to pick up last minute stuff. Next year, I'll be better.
5. If money were not an issue (and you HAD to pick something), what would your ultimate luxury item be?
I can only pick one thing? I'd have a live-in maid/nanny. More maid than nanny but a little of both would be good. (Hey mom, want to come live with me?)
OK, that's it for this week... check out Mama M for more!


Amie said...

If you're going to keep wishing for me to be knocked up, I'm going to have to reevaluate liking you.

Except that I *really* like you. So stop that, k?

Karen said... you remember our old CD's (are they even called that anymore?) Remind me to toss in the suitcase!

See you soon...hugs to all.

Colleen said...

I had a maid once. Sigh. Not a live in, just a twice a month scrub the bathrooms and kitchen deal, but oh, what I would give to have that back.

Yay, for Natalee! Getting up to go to the bathroom on her own is a big step!

Brandy@YDK said...

Your live in maid is the best answer ever! And yay for natalee being so smart