Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Random (Baby Update) Tuesday

I'm kinda excited for a little randomness today... even better than writing it, is reading all your random stuff.
I think I'll start with my odd person sighting this week, cause it was interesting. I wasn't sure if I should be amused, or horrified, or think it was actually a good idea. Hmm... so I'm headed down the road and I see a couple on their bikes, one of the bikes is towing a very obviously homemade trailer, made out of old, dirty plywood... a little strange, but nothing to write about. Then I get closer and notice that they have attached to this old plywood a Britax carseat with a toddler in it. So, my thought process is: Well, at least the kid is in a carseat with a helmet on, but look what it's strapped to, and those Britax seats are expensive, surely more expensive than a true kids bike trailer? I don't know, the whole scene was odd. What do you think? Safe? No? Crazy? I'll leave it at: I'd never put MY kid in it.

Speaking of my kid: a baby update! I went yesterday to the OB and the Perinatologist (why do they make you see both?), my placenta moved (Yay!!), my cervix is not dilating and is nice a long (yay!!) and baby is 58th percentile for size, which is really good for an SUA baby (yay!!). The first two items knock me down a ways on the high risk list, so I'm excited about that. I'm pretty sure now that baby will be on or after due date, whereas we were pretty sure it'd be early before the other items resolved. It's time to start my online poll.

We went to watch the Oregon State football debauchery game on Saturday, on the way in the lady was checking bags... I didn't have a bag but she stopped me and said she needed to see what was in my  pockets. Hu? A kleenex? She says "No, in your belly pocket" it took me a minute to register what she meant: "Oh, that would be my pregnant belly and I pulled up my sweatshirt to show her my fitted t-shirt. She was pretty embarrassed and kept apologizing. I thought it was hilarious. Sean told her I was lying and trying to sneak in a 6-pack.

Natalee's birthday is coming up, December 1st... and then Christmas. She has tons of grandparents and family that love her to death, she will be innundated with gifts... are we horrible parents if we don't get her much? I'd rather put the money in my her college fund.

Oh! The boat is supposed to be finished this week... maybe, we'll see, but holy cow could that have taken any longer? FYI the boat accident was on Father's Day.

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kimert said...

I had to giggle at the belly story (sorry)! I've not heard or encountered that one. Glad things are going well with the pregnancy! Hope you have a great week!

And no, I do not think you are horrible parents for spending less on bday/Christmas when close together. :)

Colleen said...

That lady better be careful with that belly pocket question! You're pregnant, but what if you weren't? What if she asks that to someone who just has a large belly? That could go so wrong! :)

Glad the pregnancy is going well and all signs point to good things!

Lyndsay said...

Yay cervix!!!

I joined the randomness today.

Brandy@YDK said...

triple yay for all the good baby news.

and the belly story is hilarious.

and I would not put my baby in a homemade bike trailer. that would require exercise.

I still have nothing for Gs bay. and he will get a few things but we have a small family so I feel like i gotta make up the difference of 1 cheap grandma and 1 loser grandma

Sheila said...

I do NOT think you are a terrible parent if you put money in her college fund! I feel the SAME way about my kids and their bdays arent' even that close to Christmas - it's just that they get SO much crap!!!
And the belly story....HILARIOUS!!! That poor lady probably felt AWFUL!!!
And the baby news is SOOO exciting!!! But still not going to find out waht it is, are you!?!?

Keely said...

Ha! Belly pocket. That woman probably has a lot of awkward moments in her life.

I dont' bother buying much for my kid either (he's 3) as everybody else just goes so overboard. Plus, he's THREE. His feelings aren't going to be hurt if we don't buy him something. I'll save my pennies for when he does (or college).

Julie from Momspective said...

I love how you "YAY!" I "YAY!" too. I love baby stuff. I lack all reproductive organs (it's all good save for the menopause if I forget a pill - I have 2 kids). I'm happy it's all YAY!!!


Nichole said...

Love the "belly pocket" story! LOL

No, I wouldnt put my kids in the Britax contraption...strange!

Great baby news! :o)