Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts

First off... a big thanks for the kind comments on my last belly shot. Everyone is so nice to pregnant people, it's one of the best things about the whole experience. I'm enjoying it more this time, I'm trying to be more positive 'cause last time I hated everything about it. I'm not hating it this time, but you still can't touch me, not now and not ever, mkay?

I'm going to see a Chiropractor on Thursday... my back is KILLING me at night and not even my Snoogle is helping anymore. I just want a good night of pain-free sleep and I'll be less of a bitch, or I'll try anyway.

Sean had an epic fail this week... when he couldn't find his phone at 11:30 PM (on a weeknight), he decided to take mine and call it while I was asleep. Unfortunately, he doesn't know how to use my phone and ended up calling a coworker of mine, TWICE at nearly midnight. Both times he dialed and then just set the phone down to go look for his. The coworker called back in a panic that something was terribly wrong for me to call him so late, I woke up panicked because my phone was ringing at midnight and it was someone from work: What could be wrong? Sean had no excuse, but we get to make fun of him for a while about it and the coworker was great when I explained what happened. He said "I'm an idiot husband sometimes too, don't go too hard on him."

I'm working on a waterline in the sketchy part of town, but I'm disappointed in my people sighting down there. I had high hopes for the area, I don't think I'm being observant enough cause the job is going all kids of wrong. Oh well, next week maybe.

Speaking of the job, check out this shot I took out there last week (with a crappy point & shoot), I think it's kinda cool. If you're wondering what's going on, leave a comment asking and I'll let you in on it:-)

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Amie said...

LOVE that pic. Love all the pics lately, really. My husband is stupid too sometimes. They're lucky they're cute and cuddly.

kimert said...

I have no idea what your job is, but it is way more awesome than my desk job. Or at least from the pic it looks more awesome! ;) Have a great week!

Julie from Momspective said...

I'm thinking it's some kind of earth quake action. Something really cool that everyone was excited about. I need something cool to happen. I'm bored. Tell me it was cool.

Sheila said...


Brandy@YDK said...

the reason you don't see anybody in the sketchy part of town is because they are all holed up watching springer.

Kristin said...

Hi! New follower from the hop!

Kristin :)
Keenly Kristin