Thursday, November 18, 2010

Saying It

I have a lot to say lately, about nothing really at all. I wish it was Random Tuesday so that I didn't feel like it was just all over the place, but it's my blog and I'll ramble if I want to.
There is an arsonist in town, he (they?) keep burning abandoned homes. The other day a lady that I work with said "I'm afraid our project house will be next" (They bought it, stripped it to studs and then the economy crashed and they haven't been able to do anymore), guess what? Their house burned on Sunday night. The house is burned to nothing... the worst part though, is that is caught the neighbors house on fire and destroyed it. A young family with a three year old little girl. I don't get how anyone thinks that is "fun."
Image courstesy of Albany Democrat Herald

Yesterday was one of those days... where everything seems to go wrong. I forgot about a water shutdown, when I went there to do it, it took an hour longer than it should have. We got it done and got the work done. I had to take some samples to the lab about 20 miles away, halfway there I get a phone call from my contractor "We turned off the hydrant and water started shooting out of the ground." Awesome. Got that taken care of, or at least got the water to stop. Finished my work stuff. Went to have some stupid blood test that my insurance is requiring. They ask me if I'm fasting "Uh, no. I wasn't told to." Sorry, we can't do the test. I get home and call my doctor, they say "Oh, just tell them that you are. It isn't necessary for what we need." Would have been good to know before I had to get a babysitter for nothing. Then I went to Target to pick up a prescription and realized I left my wallet at work. I went home and took a bubble bath, what else can you do at that point?
Natalee had he first bed-wetting episode last night. Changing sheets at 2:30am is awesome.
This morning I wanted some coffee, the coffee stand was out of decaf... they offered to "just make it regular" but I declined. Please let today be better than yesterday.
I think Etsy is so inspiring, I wish I could sit at home alone while it rains outside, sip on a hot spiced cider and just explore all the amazing things that people create.
I told Sean I'd like a new sewing machine last night, and he didn't even get mad about it... he was like "Alright, we'll take a look." Sweet! Although, looking back now... he may have been nice because of the day I'd had.
Don't forget to put in your baby guess... I'm LOVING them:-)


Brandy@YDK said...

that's so sad about the house stuff. people are so mean.

And what a super crappy day. today has to be better right?!

Amie said...

Ugh, what a crap day. Sorry lady. To help, I shall declare today Random Thursday, just for you. TADAA. Because I totally have that power.

Lyndsay said...

Sorry for your sucky day. I hope today is going better.

Nichole said...

Hope today went better for you! I know what you mean at ETSY! Making clips is keeping me from wanting to buy one of everything on there! Hope that my business gets going in the next couple of weeks! :o) Already selling several on facebook, so I cannot complain!

Colleen said...

That fire is so sad!

I don't have any problem listening to you be random every day. Go for it!