Monday, November 1, 2010

She's Crafty

I guess I'll start with the obligatory Halloween picture. Natalee was a cupcake, I thought she was pretty dang cute. She had a ton of fun but didn't understand why she couldn't go inside all of the houses.

Her adorable little companion is my niece, she was (obviously) a ladybug.

So onto my regular post... I've been feeling quite crafty lately. I love that, but I hate that I don't really have time to fulfil all of my crafty ideas. I finally finished Natalee's curtains. They look good but I haven't gotten the flowers painted on her wall yet (probably because that particular project involves my husband and he has been otherwise engaged with our fence). She needs something to hang up on her wall. It's very boring in there.
I washed and folded a bunch of baby stuff the other day (I needed the totes they were in). I commented that I wish I had something that I needed to sew for the new baby because I had so much fun doing that last time. I started to think about things that I would need. So I made my hospital gown this weekend. It turned out cute. I think I'll make another one so that I've got a before and an after. The first one is black and white with red accents. What should I do for the next? I was trying to avoid blue or pink for obvious reasons (though hot pink may still happen because after all, it is for me). I think I'll also make a lightweight robe for the hospital. I couldn't find one last time because they had all winter ones in the stores and I had JUST started sewing, but now I can totally whip one up. I'll see what color I decide for the second gown and go from there. I think a cute hospital gown will be in my baby-shower-gift-giving-rotation from now on.
I am getting all set up to start sewing some cloth diapers. I ordered one off of Etsy for the new baby, it came and it was so cute but it also looked so easy. Sean and I will be making a trip to Portland soon to look for some of the specialty fabrics that are needed. I'm super excited about that project. Sean's mom also has a snap press so that I can use the poly resin snaps, which I very much prefer to aplix (velcro).
I also want to make some muslin blankets like the Aden & Anais ones... but I need to find the fabric. Hopefully in Portland.
I almost forgot, I also finished my quilt... finally. It took me forever, mostly because it sat around forever. It is all minky, which is a total pain in the rear to make an entire quilt out of, but now that it is done it is like cuddling with a little piece of Heaven.
What are you crafting up lately? Got any other ideas for me to work on?


kimert said...

Love the Halloween costumes! The cupcake is adorable!
I made my daughter's Halloween costume. That's about as crafty as I have been. Pics will be up on my blog sometime this week!

Lyndsay said...

Want to do my sewing project? I want to take a t-shirt and open up the seams along both shoulders and down one side. Then I want it to close with velcro. That way when i'm in the hospital after my surgery I can wear one of my own t-shirts while I still have an IV in my hand.
i'm not very crafty, but I think I can manage that, no?

Love your little cupcake by the way - so cute!

Karen said...

You are become very crafty although I really miss all your wonderful cooking that has moved from the back burner to off the stove!

I'm excited to sew the quilt for you and Sean this weekend. Then I'll cut out and sew the new baby quilt...followed by ladybug quilts for the girls! Wished you lived closer and we could sew together!

Brandy@YDK said...

I'm in love with Natalee's cupcakeness.

Anonymous said...

I like browsing your site because you can always bring us new and awesome stuff, I think that I must at least say a thank you for your hard work.

- Rob