Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Something pretty big happened yesterday: I got up, got ready for work, and then... I wanted some coffee. When I'm not pregnant, I LOVE my morning coffee. As soon as I get pregnant, it is the most repulsive thing on the planet to me. I joke that I don't need a pregnancy test, just let me smell some coffee. They make coffee down the hall, I gag. I walk by a Starbucks, gag. So for me to want coffee is huge. I stopped at the coffee stand and after 24 weeks of being away, they still remembered my order (it's decaf, of course). And it was soooo good, so good that I went back today. So this makes me think... is this baby a boy?
Anything that is different makes me wonder... last time I was obsessed with pancakes (I ate them and I ate fruit like it was the last food on earth. This time, I like those things but nothing is really jumping out at me (except maybe chicken strips).
What do you think? I started my online baby poll... it's over on the right hand sidebar. Give it a shot. I also want your baby gender/symptom/craving stories and opinions. I was much sicker this time than last time and I seem to be carrying much more out front and higher.
I go back and forth on hoping for one gender or the other... there are so many great things about both that I would be happy either way.


Brandy@YDK said...

i know it's a boy. the end.

Lyndsay said...

I'm so excited that you're back on coffee in time for Starbucks' holiday flavors!! Plus I think they have buy-one-get-one-free from tomorrow til Sunday... or maybe Saturday. (I sound like I work there. I don't. Just planning out my free weekend coffees already.) I recommend the caramel brule.
I only have girl-pregnancy symptoms to relay: I craved slurpees and watermelon. And pasta and breads in the very beginning. I couldn't stand the sight/smell/thought of red meat. I didn't throw up once, but was nauseated in the first few weeks. I had painful S-I joint issues near the end.
When we were still considering a second child I went back and forth on hoping for a boy or girl too. I would think - having a girl is so fantastic and I can give Munchie the sister I always hoped for! But then I'd think - I want to experience the boy stuff too. So I agree - either would be great!
I'm gonna guess boy for you.

Lyndsay said...

Sorry - I picked big and late.

Melissa said...

Just from what I've read here, I think you'll be having a boy! I loved being prego w/ Sawyer! Ate hot dogs every morning for breakfast, a water melon every other day! and lotsa strawberry milk! I did not like being prego w/ Brynn, had headaches every day! vomitted at the thought of brushing my teeth! I was not happy at all! I feel bad now saying that but the differences were so extreme! Good luck!

Colleen said...

I had different cravings and turn-offs for each and every pregnancy. I don't remember anything that indicated that it was a boy or a girl based on the cravings, but both of my boys were unplanned pregnancies and both girls were definitely planned. Is there something to that? I don't know.

Nichole said...

Yep, I am thinking boy too! With Anderson and Annabelle I felt the same and craved the same kinds of food - sweet! I am not a good indicator I guess. LOL