Friday, December 3, 2010

5 Question Friday!

Sean has been out of town all week and he's coming home today... hallelujah! He was supposed to be gone one night, but I never actually believed the "only one night" story, I know him better than that. The good news is that my reward is having the entire weekend to sew and Christmas shop, a totally worthwhile trade. Alright, let's get this going:

1. What's on the top of your holiday wish list and why?!
I need a new sewing machine, but that isn't really practical right now... I'd really like an iPad case that is durable and can protect it from Natalee since she uses it more than we do. Does such an item even exist?

2. What is your favorite Christmas gift from the past?
Ah, I'd have to go with my engagement ring:-) But a close second would be my serger than Sean got for me last year, I was totally suprised by that one!

3. If you had life to do over, what would you be when you grow up?
I would have done a 2 year nursing program... a stable job without a billion dollars in student loans. However, it's hard to really say that, because my life would have taken on an entirely different path and I wouldn't have had any of the experiences that made me who I am today. Oh, and I'd have moved to Alaska when I had the chance.

4. When do you put up your tree?
Last year I didn't put it up at all, and if the new baby is as mobile as Natalee was at this time next year, we probably won't put one up then either. But I'm planning on getting it up this weekend, hopefully. I'm trying to get into the spirit this year and be less of a scrooge.

5. What is your favorite Holiday?
Thanksgiving, hands down. It's tons of family, awesome food, eating way too much and watching football with all the beautiful fall colors outside. How could it possibly get any better than that?
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Melissa said...

My engagement ring is my favorite christmas present also!

I really want a new camera for Christmas, but I still haven't decided which one I want yet.

Brandy@YDK said...

I want you to get a new sewing machine so you can text me all the awesome stuff you make.

I so wish I didn't have a million student loans either.

have fun shopping this weekend.

Colleen said...

I vote for Thanksgiving too. All the family fun and togetherness with none of the expectations of Christmas. (Having said that, I also love Christmas, but it's much more work!)