Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I decided that I'm going to do Christmas cards this year. I made my address labels last night and I have 100 cards to send out... ONE.HUNDRED! I'm not sure if I should be happy that I have that many friends and family, or horrified that I have to spend that kind of money on postage. I also want to write a Christmas letter because I love when people write those, except that I don't actually want to write it... I just want it all done for me.
Natalee had her 2 year well check yesterday, she is 90th percentile for weight & height, based on that "double your height" prediction, they say she'll be 5'11".  We came home and practiced her jump shot, it needs a little work.
I'm 27 weeks pregnant today, I had to look at the ticker on the blog to see how far along I was. I was hoping for 28, but it's still 27. I'm not ready at all for another baby, but work is getting harder and picking up after Sean Natalee is getting tough.
We put up our tree last night, it's finally festive in our house! Should we start a bet on how long it takes Natalee to pull the whole thing over?
I made my first homemade cloth diaper... it needs some work, but I told Sean it was a "learning project" he told me to use cheaper material next time I want to "learn" something. However, I can see how great its going to be to make them. I'm excited to get back to it and perfect my technique. I just wish I could practice it on a new machine. Someday, I will have one.


Karen said...

How excited is Natalee to have a decorated tree in the house? I can hear here clapping when you turned the lights on all the way to California. Can't wait to see your diaper project...maybe you'll save enough $$ on diapers for a down payment on your "deam machine". XO

Melissa said...

100 Christmas cards?! OMG! I always send out Christmas cards, this year I'm not sure. The thought of trying to take pictures of all the dogs makes me want to stick a fork in a light socket.

Don't worry, you have plenty of time to work on Natalee's jump shot!

Homemade cloth diapers...you certainly are ambitious!

Brandy@YDK said...

maybe if you mention your sewing machine everyday between now and christmas - santa will bring it to you.

do you want me to write your letter for you? I'm working on being a better friend.

Kimber Leszczuk. said...

Postage adds up quick doesn't it?

Congrats on the diaper project and the pregnancy!

Loved the random tuesday post!

Colleen said...

You should take bits from your random posts and put them into your "Austin Antics Random Family Christmas Letter." I think it would be a fun letter since I rather enjoy your random posts. :)