Wednesday, December 22, 2010

This crazy place

Do you ever stop and think about how crazy this whole internet thing is? I totally do, it is kind of mind boggling really.
When I was growing up we had a set of encyclopedias, I loved them and thought that they held all the worlds answers, and the gold leaf on the page edges didn't hurt their credibility in my mind either. I remember my mom mentioning that she had to make payments on them when she first got them but that she thought it was an important thing to have. I would pick random volumes and just flip through them to see what I could  find. Now, I just click on my browser from my computer, iPad, phone, or whatever device happens to be handy. You can generally find me checking in on important things like Facebook or People.
This place has made me some good friends, taught me some strange things and provided a few laughs.
I think I'm a better parent because of the things that I've learned from the internet, but I've also learned to turn a blind eye to the people that try to make me feel like less of a mother for the choices that I've made.
I do often wonder how people ever effectively spied on other people before the internet? After my first date with Sean I quickly did a Google search to see what I could dig up on him (not much more than his old baseball stats from college... but I did decipher his age and figured that he might not be exaggerating in the stories that I was soon to hear). 
Buying a house... now you flip through listings online and weed out 90% of what you see listed in a few minutes, I can't even imagine going to look at all the houses that we said "no" to after just a few pictures. I can't even begin to imagine the amount of time that went into that painful process.
How about pregnancy? How did anyone ever get through it? Now, you can Google any horrific or embarrassing symptom and find thousands of other people talking about the same thing and be assured that it's normal. It's not just pregnancy though, the internet has made us all medical experts, or hell... experts in any field that we choose to perform a search on, including a plethora of illegal activities (not that I've ever searched for those kinds of things...)
I'm still a big fan of books, I hope my kids choose to pick up and books and flip through them to see what they come across. I hope that my mom keeps the encyclopedias forever so that her grandkids can look at them and enjoy them (or laugh at them).


kimert said...

I do sometimes think about how technical everything is these days. I remember having to look through a card catalog at the library!!! Do those even exist still? Probably not because of the internet. Blows my mind! I am however very grateful for what the internet has done for me.

Lyndsay said...

I think about this all the time and it boggles my mind. I graduated with my Masters degree in 1999... only 11 years ago, but all my research was done in the library (SO time consuming), we had to sign up for time on the library computers (because students often didn't have one of their own), I wrote letters to send back home because I could only afford to call long distance once a week and to send an email meant signing up for time on those library computers! It's funny how foreign all those ideas will seem to Munchie.

Brandy@YDK said...

you love me.