Thursday, January 20, 2011

Around and 'Round

I have some "mommy" questions, and I'm desperately hoping that you all will have some answers for me! (Even Google isn't answering them for me!)
Natalee is smart, like, really smart. I thought maybe I was just biased, but I think she actually is smart. She turned 2 last month, she knows the entire alphabet, can count to 20 (ish), all colors, shapes, can write her letters and is starting to work on spelling and reading. The problem is: I don't know what to do next... I think she's ready for some sort of organized something. She is too young for every sort of class I can think of (swimming, gymnastics, dance...). The preschools all say that kids need to be 3 by September, which means that with her December birthday she will not be able to go until the year after next. Can you enroll them early? Is there some sort of law that calls for that 3 year criteria? I don't care if she spends extra years in preschool, at least she would be learning.
What would you do? What activities do your kids participate in? This is one of the few bad things about living in a small town. I can only assume that big cities have a lot more options for kids activities at this age.
OK, I'm officially on my knees begging you... I'm not too proud for that.


Lyndsay said...

Yep, your kid is a genius. I've volunteer in Munchie's Kindergarten class 3-4 times and there are plenty of kids in K who don't know the alphabet or aren't able to write their letters (forget about spelling or reading!)

I can't help you with the activities - where I live there are plenty of activities for a 2 year old. When Munchie was 2 she did kinderballet, kindermusic, and swimming skating, and gymnastics with a parent. I can't believe there's NOTHING for Natalee - that stinks. (Maybe you should start something and make a million dollars.)

Natalee is in a home daycare right? Are there day centers that might offer a big more structure and a bit more of a challenge for her?

Other than that I don't know?? Preschool workbooks?

Anonymous said...

From the mother of two gifted boys, it's truly best to just do normal things with her. Take her places, do crafts with her, read with her. Relaxed pace is the key. Soon, she will be in school. Don't rush it.

Let her lead you. Stop and look and talk about the things she finds interesting. They learn so much through simple play. Just enjoy it and watch what she is learning. It is tempting to really push the teaching part of really smart kids, but they really don't need that kind of intervention. Just play with her and enjoy watching her!

Good luck. I know it wasn't exactly what you asked for, but i hate to see you push her too early. She'll grow up real soon!

Colleen said...

A kid like that will pursue her own learning by asking questions and wanting to do or know more. The trick is keeping up with her! Also, as they get older, knowing how to say "I don't know" comes in handy too. Why do they think I know EVERYTHING?

It's always nice to have fun activities when they're little. Library storytime, theater and arts type stuff... Just as long as you aren't pressuring her and you aren't pressuring yourself. Have fun! I've learned sooo much from my gifted child(ren). (I hate to leave anyone out, they have different kinds of gifts.)

Totally off topic... my mother just sent me a picture that she took of me over thanksgiving as I was reading the autocorrect blog. Lets just say that it was NOT flattering and I will not be posting it on my blog. It does however show me laughing so hard that I look like I'm about to explode. :/

Brandy@YDK said...

Idk. G is not gifted and is way average. I'm pretty proud he uses his fork 50% of the time. I do like that he is in a more school type environment

Chell said...

She is very smart. Don't push her into school and structure to early. Let her have fun!

Speaking from experience, the maturity level WILL matter in jr high and high school. I have even been told that my child doesn't need high school, she is TO smart.

She is the youngest in her class and barely made the birthday cut off. She struggles on a daily basis with friends in her class being 1 sometimes 2 years older. There is a SUPER BIG maturity difference. I never thought by pushing her ahead in school while she was younger it would hurt her later on.
But that's just my 2 cents....