Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Wish My Titles Were Random, Too

This morning I went to get my "Mocha Monday" coffee, since it's only $2 on Mondays... it was a bittersweet moment when I realized that it wasn't Monday, but that my coffee was suddenly costing me another $1.25. Oh well.

I've tried really hard to have a positive attitude lately, but for the last couple of days I just can't breath, and my feet hurt, and I'm tired... I have to recline just right to catch my breath and I always feel like I just ran up 10 flights of stairs. Oh, and I'm hot- as in temperature-wise, certainly not in any other sense. End Rant. I just needed to get that out, thanks:-)

Last week I cleaned my desk, I purged all the old paperwork that was sitting around, filed what I could and put the remaining stuff into folders. It looks so much better, why did I wait so long to do that?
OMG- Do you guys watch Rules of Engagement? I love that show... I could never watch it without a DVR because we have to pause from laughing so hard. I wish there were more funny shows like that... do you have any that make you seriously laugh? I've also been sort of watching Better With You which has some funny stuff, but not quite like the other show.

Oh, speaking of funny... send me some funny movie suggestions. We have Grown Ups at home but haven't watched it yet. If you're looking for something to make you laugh so hard that soda will shoot out your nose, you should check out this website. Just don't do it somewhere that you're trying to be quiet... I read it in the waiting room at the dentist the other day and I'm sure everyone thought I was completely insane.

I want a BOB stroller. I thought I wanted a double, but I realized that there was no way Natalee would be into using it. So, now I want the single (and cheaper) one. That one I might actually be able to talk Sean into... we'll see.

I have some new followers...yay! Welcome! Followers and comments totally make my day, and I try to be a good commenter too, I promise:-)

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Amie said...

Last night I was completely sure that today was going to be Wednesday. And had a moment of freaking out to get ready for court on Wednesday morning and choir on Wednesday night. But it isn't Wednesday, it's just Tuesday. So it goes. Sorry about the pricy mocha. They should have given it to you for $2 anyway.

I really like Rules of Engagement, except for David Spade. I swear, he's been playing the same character for years (like in Just Shoot Me)- little guy with gross hair who inexplicably gets hot chicks who don't even know that in real life he's David Spade and is kind of a perv. I could really do without him. But otherwise, I like it a lot.

Colleen said...

I am literally in tears right now after reading the auto correct. Everytime I read that website I laugh so hard it hurts! And I was trying to eat lunch. I'm lucky I didn't choke and die!

Anonymous said...

Grown Ups wasn't all that funny to me, actually. Now She's Out of Your League was hilarious!

Chell said...

This morning I asked a co-worker why she was here on a Monday? She looked at me and said she didn't work Mondays.... I was like I know? She then informed me it was Tuesday.

.: Kristine :. said...

I am a total Rules Of Engagement junkie!
Laughed my butt off last night....

Swinging by from Un Mom!!!!

Lyndsay said...

Yes! That auto correct site is hilarious. Do you read Cake Wrecks as well? It's pretty funny.

There's another one.... trying to remember what it's called... google "there I fixed it". It's funny too.

Brandy@YDK said...

sheila said mike and molly is fun but i got nothing since i haven't actually watched it - but it sounds funny. and i loved the movie Easy A.

Julie said...

I haven't done it yet, but I think I need to check out those websites and shows. It has been a LONG time since soda has sprayed out my nose, and I miss that! :) I have a BOB stroller and love it. It has lasted 7 years and still going strong.