Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Random Time!

It’s time for those Random Tuesday Thoughts… which is sort of funny to me since I’m random every day, not just Tuesdays.

My blog has a mobile version now. Sweet! It’s totally awesome, you should check it out.

I’ve been on the hunt for a sewing club type thing but can’t find one… so I might just start my own. If I can find anyone to join, I’m thinking a few hours once a month to get together and just sew and chat. Work on projects and learn from each other. Sounds like fun to me! I was thinking about putting it on Meetup, what should the name of our group be?

I'm thinking about making something and doing a giveaway. What should it be? Would anyone even want anything that I made?
Sean calls me almost every day on his lunch wanting to know what is for dinner… I almost never know.

Last week at daycare, Natalee told the other kids “Don’t piss me off” which is not good, but at the same time it’s hilarious. I still laugh when I think about it. (And I wonder what they were doing to piss her off).

My mom had a total knee replacement yesterday, all went well (thankfully). She is in a lot of pain, but still texting me. Hopefully she starts to feel better, or they give her better drugs so that the texts get funny.

My little brother, who is a senior in high school, has some of the best facebook status updates... yesterday: We get it. If you're really worried about finals get off of facebook and get your face in a book.. I guess that is why he is an honor student.

That's all folks, well... for now anyway. Click that purple button if you need more:


Amie said...

I'm going to visit the mobile site as soon as I'm done commenting.

I would totally join your sewing club and show up with baked goods and watch you sew while eating my baked goods. Is that ok? Except that you're too far away. So I'll just bake stuff and eat it from afar in spirit.

Does Natalee actually know what it means to be pissed off? Or was she just repeating something she heard?

Brandy@YDK said...

oooh you should do a meetup - i'll try to think of a name.

the piss me off cracks me up.

and yes make something and give it to me. :) a bag or ya know - something.

Anonymous said...

I like your random notes; happy RTT.

Chell said...

I love the don't piss me off thing! Kids are to funny!

kimert said...

LOL"Don't piss me off!" That rocks (sorta). ;)

Colleen said...

Seriously? He wants to know whats for dinner before 4pm? I would never have an answer for him. In fact sometimes it's 6 or 7pm before I finally decide what's for dinner. Drives my family crazy!

Stacy Uncorked said...

I never know what's for dinner at lunchtime either. Usually I'm thinking about lunch.

It does make you wonder what they're doing to piss her off, doesn't it? ;)

I'm glad your mom's surgery went fine yesterday - hopefully they'll give her better drugs so she can send you funny texts! ;)

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