Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Random Tuesday (and Everyday) Thoughts

Wow... did you see the BCS National Championship Game last night? Sorry Oregon, maybe if you worked less on being flashy and more on playing the football we all know you CAN play you'd have won it. I'm just glad it's over. (And just for good measure: Go Tigers!)

Verizon will be making a big announcement today, I'm pretty sure it is about the iPhone. I have my card all ready to pre-order mine. I can't wait! I hope it isn't about something else totally dumb and then I will be bummed.

Sean and I have been looking for a used car for him to commute in and just something to run around that gets good mileage. I drive an Expedition and he drives a full size diesel truck, I'm sure you can imagine what our gas bill looks like. We have really fallen for the Toyota Prius. Now we just need to find one that is a good deal. Have I mentioned that I HATE trying to find used cars?

I mentioned this on Facebook the other day, but seriously... I am LOVING being pregnant this time around. I have a better attitude about the whole thing overall, which helps I'm sure. Also, I don't have the sciatic pain or a 180 mile round-trip commute to work anymore. Now, I drive 2.5 miles to a job that I love. WIN!

I thought of my perfect ETSY shop name, I won't tell you what it is so that no one steals it... except that I'll never actually open any sort of shop. It's just one of those things, ya know?

I'm wishing I had something funny or witty to say today, but I got nothing... so do something random and link up with the UnMom by using that button below!



Brandy@YDK said...

you have to tell me your etsy shop name. we are besties.

kimert said...

Good luck finding a good used car. We have researched a lot of used Honda/Toyotas and found that you can almost buy new for what you can use! Crazy!
Can't wait to hear all about your Etsy shop! I am an Etsy-aholic!
Oooh do you make iron on appliques? I've been shopping for those lately to make cute holiday tees for the kids! :)

Amie said...

My brother has a used Prius and it gets great mileage. Not sure what exactly, which is why I didn't comment on FB, but definitely over 40 mpg. And he drives like a 22-year-old boy. Sean is probably more responsible.

I want to know your etsy name. Because I promise I am not crafty and will never ever steal it in a bajillion years. And I'm nosy.

That was a heckuva football game. I hate the BCS, but this year it was a lot of fun.