Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Year's First Random

It’s already Tuesday; I have a hard time believing it’s been a whole week since the last one.

Today I am 31 weeks pregnant. This is crazy to me because I’m actually sort of, kind of enjoying being pregnant this time. I don’t really want it to be over. I remember how much I hated being pregnant last time and couldn’t wait for it to be over.

I’m going to the orthodontist this morning; it’s my LAST APPOINTMENT before my braces come off next month. Oh yeah! Only 43 more days, and only 11 more days until they are all paid for.

We got a new puppy over the weekend! Her name is Holly and I’m a little smitten with her already. I took her to work with me yesterday and everyone else loved her too.

I'm trying to blog from my iPad, it isn't working too well. One negative point for this awesome toy.

I've been doing a lot of sewing, I made a super cute robe. And I've been messing with all the embroidery stuff, or you could call it "wasting thread" but that sounds so much worse than "practicing." I'm in love with that machine.

I’ve started wearing make-up, mostly because I need to now. The problem is that I’ve never really worn make-up so I don’t really know how to put it on. I can get through, but not like some people. My mom wasn’t a huge make-up person either. So where is a girl to learn this kind of thing? I want to be able to look like I’m not really wearing much but get things covered up. I also would love to have amazing, dramatic eyes. Maybe there is a You Tube video for that out there.


Amie said...

There are tons of youtube videos - apparently there's a whole group of people who are youtube "famous" for doing makeup. Crazy.

I've been wearing makeup for a really long time and still don't really know what I'm doing. I mostly stick to eyeshadow and mascara because I can't handle foundation or blush.

Holly is adorable. I love her.

Nichole said...

I am completely with you on the makeup thing. I never have really worn it, but now I think that I need to start...but how!? If you figure it out, let me know!

Brandy@YDK said...

there is a youtube video for everything. you can maybe go to clinque or estee lauder and have them help you? i love estee lauder - I just cant afford it. I only wear foundation and powder to even my skin out. I should wear more.

and yay for no more braces or braces payments!

kimert said...

I started having less "makeup" issues (as far as applying correctly for a certain look) when I started wearing Bare Escentuals. I swear you cannot mess that stuff up!

Julie said...

wow! time flies. I figured out how to fold a fitted sheet on youtube, they probably have something for eye make-up. Dramatic sounds good. :)

Carly said...

Bare Escentuals ALL THE WAY! I get complimented on how great my skin looks all the time...ha ha ha if they only saw me without it! It looks so natural and when you order it they send you a dvd on how to apply. It really is foolproof! The hardest part for me is always choosing what to get but this makeup is easy and I don't have to sit there for hours trying to figure out what shade I am at the store.