Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Please send food, the yummy kind

I went to the orthodontist yesterday, it was supposed to be one last wow-things-look-great appointment, it turned into "Well, we may or may not be able to take the braces off next week" say what? I've had February 16th decorated on my calendar for months... it's more embellished than March 8th (baby's due date). Fingers crossed that they get to come off.
I'm not a huge Valentine's Day fan... I'm not against it, I just think it's a silly holiday (it is even a real holiday?) In an effort to keep things simple & cheap I was going to make Sean a list... 100 Things I Love About You, but how should I put it together? A list on binder paper seems a little high school. Google isn't giving me much on this, and remember that I'm not big on paper craft stuff. I thought about just a cute little jar with all of the little notes folded up in there. What else do you have for me?
I ordered my Bob Stroller yesterday! I also got the handlebar console, and infant seat adaptor. Then I ordered a few baby essentials and a book that I wanted needed. My mom also sent me the quilt that she made me and the one she made for baby, along with the new Joovy playpen that I wanted. ALL of the items are scheduled to arrive (in separate packages) tomorrow. My front porch is going to look like Christmas morning!
Did I tell you guys about my baby shower? I didn't want a shower, since I already had a baby and there is almost nothing that I need (except the Bob and the Playpen...) Anyway, my sister wanted to do a little something so she had a "Frozen Food" shower for me on Sunday morning. It was awesome! We had a group of ladies over for an AMAZING brunch spread and instead of baby gifts, everyone brought a frozen meal for us. Our freezer is fully stocked with really yummy food for after the baby arrives. It is actually quite a relief to know that we are going to eat really well for quite some time after this baby gets here... and I'm not going to have to cook any of it. There is meatloaf, chicken pot pies, lasagna, chicken picatta, Chinese orange chicken, beef stroganoff, chicken & rice casserole, Chicago style chicken with red potatoes, chicken & dumplings... and the list keeps going on. Hell yeah! I'd highly recommend that party idea to anyone!
Friday is Craft Night at my house... I'm hoping to get my quilt top all put together! I'll definitely share pictures (if it looks good).
Why is a really dark place pitch black? Pitch isn't black. That has always bothered me.
That is a lot of words for not really saying anything at all. Oh well...
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Anonymous said...

If I were going to make a list like that for my hubby, I'd make it maybe on 4x5 sheets of paper and number them, then find an image for every 9th or 10th one. Then take it to Kinkos (Fed Ex Express, whatever) and have them bind it. And now, I think I might do that!

Amie said...

Know-it-all Amie to the rescue! Valentine's Day is a real holiday. St. Valentine's feast day is February 14, and it's been celebrated / associated with romantic love since at least the 14th century. Whoever the actual saint was is sort of obscure, but the holiday's been around for a very long time. The not-so-real holiday is Sweetest Day, which was originally for old people and orphans but has now turned into Hallmark's Valentine's Day in October, which is dumb. Though I totally support taking stuff to a local nursing home on Sweetest Day. Whatever.

I really love the idea of a frozen food shower. So cool!

Lyndsay said...

After Hubs and I had been dating for a year, I wrote him a 365 things I like about you (or something - we weren't in 'love' territory yet). Yeesh - 365? No wonder he married me, I'm obviously awesome.
Anyway, I wrote them all up on papers approx the size of index cards, punched one hole through a top corner, and put a metal ring through it. I like the idea of typing it up and adding pictures every so often.

Sheila said...

I want a frozen food shower, just because! That sounds awesome!!! What a great idea! :)

Brandy@YDK said...

i'm super jealous of your craft night. I think a jar with lots of little notes in it is really sweet. I haven't thought about getting my husband anything because I don't like him.
yay for a frozen food shower AND for fun packages.

Chell said...

The food shower idea is totally awsome! Neat idea for V day!

Colleen said...

A frozen food shower sounds like the most awesome thing ever! I want one but I don't want to be pregnant to get one... is that possible?

Love your idea for valentines day.

Karen said...

Sorry...need to clarify that the big quilt (one for you and Sean) is still under construction. I only have 6 blocks left to quilt,then some quilting on the edges, and the border to sew...hope to bring with me when I come up to meet our new grandbaby.

Julie said...

What a great idea for a shower!! totally practical and yummy too! sorry, I haven't changed my noreply email yet...but I intend to! someday! :)Hope you get your braces off SOON!