Friday, February 4, 2011

This n' that & the other thing

There is no Five Question Friday because Mama M had a horrible loss in her family this week.So, I'm just gonna spew out some random stuff... it's what I do.
You know what word I don't like? Weird. I like to say it, but I just don't like to spell it. It's the whole 'i' before 'e' thing that gets me all tripped out.
I'm still pretty freaked out about my appointment yesterday, so much that I had to get out of bed at 2:30 because it was obvious that there was no sleep to be had. I did get caught up on some DVR backlog, but it is 7:19AM and my decaf coffee just isn't getting it done. Being this tired makes me sick to my stomach, so there's that too.
I did a little sewing last night, rick rack is my new favorite thing. And also, I need to find more things to embroider because that is freakin' cool.
Today is Brandy's birthday... you should go wish her a happy birthday, or send her cupcakes. Or send them to me, whatever.
I'm pretty sure that Facebook has negated any reason at all for class reunions.
Yesterday I went to Target, I wanted some Clifford books and some Play doh. I didn't find either (where the heck is the play doh located?). I did see a kid that obviously got to go pick out a toy. He was really concentrating and trying to get the BEST one, but his mom was clearly annoyed at the time it was taking, she finally said "Hurry up and pick one so I can get my eyebrows waxed!" I'm not sure that is the most motivating thing you can tell a 7 year old kid.
OK, I won't bore you with anymore today... but rest easy, there is more to come.


Lyndsay said...

Ugh. I hate that sick-stomach overtired feeling. I get it too.

Today is the day I introduce myself to sewing - I'll be trying to channel your crafty vibes. Be prepared for many, many questions. Like, what's a selvedge?

Brandy@YDK said...

Yay I got a birthday shoutout!!! We bought playdoh yesterday. I'm running out of things to do with the brat