Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm Still Alive!

I know I've been MIA for quite a while, but I am still alive and still pregnant.
I'm 39 weeks today, wow... That is just so hard for me to accept. It freaks me out a little to think that there may be only one (or no) weekends left before we are a family of 4.
Last Tuesday was my first official day off of work... And not a moment too soon. I have developed excruciating pelvic pain to the point that I can't stand, walk, sit or lay comfortably. I cant turn over in bed without a lot of pain, and forget picking anything up. I went to the store today and the gallon of milk almost sent me to my knees. I hope this goes away after the baby is born (the doctor tells me that it will).
Other than that news, there isn't too much to report as things aren't so exciting when your days are spent on the couch playing Sudoku or doing word searches. Oh! I did finish my quilt, I'll have Sean take some pictures. I've been working on random little baby stuff here and there... A new hooter hider, boppy cover, etc. Nothing too exciting, but it keeps me entertained.
That's all I got today, folks... I could use some entertainment and would really love to hear from you. Also, put in your baby guesses on the poll. I'm still pretty dang sure that it's a boy:-)

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Amie said...

According to your little ticker thingy, you're carrying a watermelon. Which makes you officially awesome, just like Baby. So there's that. I'm heading to lunch now, but I'll totally email you fun stories this afternoon to amuse you. Or try to amuse you, more likely.

Brandy@YDK said...

you poor thing.

Julie said...

you're almost there!! those last few days were always the hardest. Can't wait to see pics of your little one! sorry about all the pain right now. that stinks!

Sheila said...

Aww, i'm so sorry!! Why can't just ONCE the man be pregnant?! ONE TIME!!!
Hooter hider! HA!! I love it!!!
Can't wait for you little GUY to get here! HA!! I said it!!Live on your blog!!! It's going to be baby boy Austin!! (According to me, that is!!!)
Can't wait to see your quilt! I'm super jealous! I want to start on mine - but i'm scared too death I'm going to screw it up! It can as a "kit" so I don't want to screw up - then short myself some pieces, you know?! UGH!!!

Melissa said...

Try and enjoy your last few days here and rest up as much as you can...right! Easier said than done! Take care!

kimert said...

I am so glad you posted! I thought of you a lot today and wondered how you were doing. Glad you are well (minus the pelvic pain!). 39 weeks!?!? Man, that time flew by..maybe it was just for me since I am not the one pregnant. haha
Can't wait to hear a birth story and see pics! Hang in there. :)

Melissa said...

I've been thinking about you. Can't wait to hear about baby bean's birth. BTW, I'm thinking boy!