Monday, April 18, 2011

Here, There, Everywhere

I've been gone so long that I didn't realize that Random Tuesday was on hiatus... So I'm going random all on my own. Is that like going rogue random?
I'm watching the HGTV Green Home show, I want it. Wouldn't it be amazing to win something like that? One of the bedrooms is all hot pink and green with two little twin beds. It's perfect for the girls. Fate, I need to win it.
I'm working on a simple little baby quilt, but the baby is really cutting into my sewing time. She is sort of high maintenance and doesn't let me craft very efficiently.
I finally found an app that will let me blog from the iPad. That will certainly help me keep up here... Well, maybe. Speaking of apps, I got an iPhone... I can die happy now.
Army Wives... Do you watch it? I watched seasons 1-4 in about 2 weeks and got all caught up on the current season, I love it!
I started Couch to 5k, then I couldn't walk... My doctor said my pelvis isn't healed enough yet so no running. Bummer. I'm looking forward to trying it again soon though.
Natalee is going to be a flower girl in my cousins wedding in June, her dress will be here tomorrow and I'm so excited! I will show you all pictures as soon as I can get her into it (I really hope it fits!).

The other day I was putting Natalee to bed and she said "Mommy, I love you and ever and ever and ever." I think that makes up for all the hard mommy times. Yesterday we saw a man walking his German sheperd and she said "look mom- a FOX!" The dogs owner got a good laugh out of it.


Nichole said...

I cannot wait until Anderson says that he loves us. Lucky!

Sheila said...

How dare that baby cut into your sewing time!! RUDE! LOL!
Can't wait til you can start running- i think you will like it! I NEVER thought i could do it!!! NOw I'm on week 7!!!

kimert said...

YAY!!!! You blogged!! And you are way busy. :)
I can't wait to follow your running progress.
You missed it but I ran my first half marathon! Runners (new and seasoned) make me giddy.

Brandy@YDK said...

oh bummer about C25k. and babies are so high-maintenance.

Colleen said...

Hey there... I was thinking of you today and wanted to let you know that even though you haven't blogged in a month (!!) you haven't been forgotten. I hope you and the girls are all doing well and you're figuring out the whole mom of two thing!