Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chicken Little

There are big changes in the Austin household lately! Nothing exciting, of course, but changes nonetheless.

Sean and I started Weight Watchers. I was really hesitant because I've done WW before and I spent the entire time starving. Seriously, I learned that carrots are zero points, and 4 weeks is my starvation limit before I buckle. However, I was told that the program changed so I decided to give it another whirl. I told Sean I was joining and he said he wanted to join too. I was shocked but glad to have the support. Last week I lost 4 POUNDS! I think it's always that way the first week though. Sean started a week behind me so his first weigh-in is tonight. I'm going to try to write about it on Friday's so that I can link up with Brandy on Fat Ass Friday.  

Another big change: Olive refuses to breastfeed anymore. She got lazy with the bottle at daycare I think. I'm ok with it though, because it's her decision. However, I'm totally going to miss the million extra points I got for WW because of breastfeeding. Also, I'm not sure how to keep my boobs from turning into rockets and exploding off of my chest. Ouch.

I need some healthy dinner recipe ideas. We eat chicken every single night now. It's cool because we like chicken and cook it different ways… but if you have ideas we would love to hear them. Last night we made Chicken with Broccoli (just like Beef with Broccoli from the Chinese restaurant, except with Chicken). The only problem with it was that I wanted to eat 10 servings because it was so damn good.

My sister is getting married! This isn't new news, but it's still exciting. And, the very best thing about it (besides all the Happily Ever After stuff) is that it's happening in Cabo San Lucas and Sean and I are planning to go without kids! I am really excited for Julie & Andre, thanks for the vacation excuse guys!

Up next… Natalee was a flower girl over the weekend. I don't have pictures available right now, so that event will get its very own post!



Brandy@YDK said...

awesome job on the weight watchers! i think the plan is more lenient now so that's good. and i'm super jealous of the cabo thing.

Colleen said...

Losing all those points because you're not breast feeding is a bummer! Good luck with your WW.
And Cabo... I'm so jealous!

Lyndsay said...

You always have so much for me to comment on.
1. WW - good for you! The girl I sit next to at work has lost 44 lbs over the last few months. Do you do it online, or go to meetings?

2. Boobs. Can't help you. I went from breastfeeding to coma so I slept through that phase.

3. Chicken and broccoli recipe please.

4. And lastly, please take me to Cabo with you. Kaythanksbye.

kimert said...

Woohoo! Way to go on the 4lb loss!!!

christi @ burlap and basil said...

i have some great chicken recipes and non meat {but with beans} recipes on my blog. do ya'll like salmon? we've been grilling salmon lately and it is delish!