Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Funday

Today started with an email for a free baby sling from Seven Slings… I’m not sure I need another one, but I’m all for free (well, I had to pay shipping… but whatever). That classifies as a pretty good start to a Monday.

I found a new coffee joint for my morning brew; I’m super excited about it. I only drink decaf but can’t seem to get my day started without it, regardless.

I’m frustrated with breastfeeding because I have plenty of supply for baby, but I’m just not a very efficient pumper so I only get 2/3 of what she needs for the next day while I’m at work. Any ideas?

Speaking of Olive… here she is yesterday. Adorable right? I made the tutu and leg warmers yesterday. I miss getting to be crafty. I got about 8 minutes at the sewing machine yesterday and it just wasn’t enough.

I thought I was going to have to miss my deep water aerobics tonight because Sean is working late so I told Marni, my workout partner, that I probably couldn’t make it. She was super sad because we are planning to use this class to make us look like supermodels by July. Well, Marni already looks like one… This is Marni:

But then… her husband, George, volunteered to watch the girls. George is super hot (he’ll tell you that, too!). This is George:

I’m pretty sure he just wanted to come over and watch some sort of sports on our 60” TV. But it’s all good. I don’t care at all, and I obviously trust him with my most prized possession (the TV, duh).

Yesterday was Sean’s birthday. He wanted an airbrush for his birthday to paint his own fishing lures. I thought that was a GREAT gift, so I read up about them and found the one recommended was about $115, I found it online for $75. I was so excited… then he needed a cleaning kit ($15), then paint… he wanted lots of colors, so that set me back another $100. Turns out this doesn’t come with an air hose, $30 please. And finally, we’re going to need a compressor to run that thing. Another $100. So somehow his great, affordable gift ended up costing me $320 and I haven’t even gotten him anything to actually spray the paint onto. Considering that the already painted lures you buy at the store are about $1.79 each, he’s going to have to paint A LOT of them to be in the black. Hold on… I’ll calculate how many.

That would be 208 fishing lures. Perfect, by the time he is 93 this should be a profitable hobby. Sweet. Oh well, at least he is happy.


Amie said...


Glad your hubs will be happy with his new hobby. I'm picturing him working on painting lures and it makes me giggle a little bit.

Lyndsay said...

Maybe you and Sean can open up your own etsy store with clothes and fishing lures! Ah, the perfect solution.

Have fun at your water aerobics. I'm still jealous.

Brandy@YDK said...

olive is totally adorable.

and wow, what a geek hobby - painting your own fishing lures. that you throw in the water.

Colleen said...

She's so big and chubby and cute!

Love the gift math! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the pic of me with my boobs looking great! I really appreciate it. Gisele better watch out for us...a few more aqua jogging classes and I'm expecting a call from Ford Models. Seriously.

Karen said...
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Karen said...

I love your blogs. Should have know you that you'd be the "funny daughter" because you always made me laugh when you were little. Hopefully litte Natalee or Olive will have your humor too!

Sheila said...

Baby Olive is 100% adorable!! I just want to SQUEEZE her little cheeks!!!
So sad about missing craft time :( Bring Natalie and Olive to me for a couple days and craft away baby!!!
I've been following Marni - the girl CRACKS my stuff up!!! And George - ha! I bet he is a hoot!!!

kimert said...

LOVE the tutu and leg warmers!! Super cute...and that olive!! Precious girl!

Carly said...

LOL you crack me up. It's been a while since I've read any blogs. So glad to catch up (and I really want to write on mine for once, now!)