Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fat Ass (almost) Friday

OK, I'm a few weeks behind, sue me. (Although, this is early because I'm afraid of not getting to it tomorrow) I did actually write a post for last week and I even wrote it ahead of time! But, then I ended up working nights (and days, too)… I completely ran out of steam at about 2am Friday morning and didn't come in to work for the day. In fact, I didn't get out of bed until nearly 1pm and the post fell to the wayside. All this to say: there is a lot to update on today!
Weight Watchers is still going well, as of Tuesday I have lost a total of 15.8 pounds. I am only 4.2 pounds from my goal weight… which is coincidentally my high school weight! Holy crap, I'm going to have to update my driver's license. My mom always says that her license weight is more like a goal weight than her actual weight. (We might all be in trouble if they were searching for us… "That is definitely not her; we're looking for a skinny girl!) I had to go buy new cheap work jeans because my old ones pulled off without even unbuttoning them and Sean doesn't like me wearing designer jeans while playing in the mud and trenches at work, he also doesn't like the idea of my pants falling off while I'm there.
Sean has lost 18 pounds. He looks great… he is "winning." Whatever.
My friend Christin and her family are moving far far away… I am really excited for them and their new adventures. They have 3 little ones, 3, 2, and 4 months… I think their drive is about 2,000 miles. I'm not sure how long that will take but for me it would be about 10 Xanex, a handful of Ativan and maybe a few Valium thrown in there for good measure. Thankfully, she is a much better, and more patient, mother than I am.
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Amie said...

WOW. That is a lot of pounds. Tell Sean to measure as percentage of body weight, rather than just number of pounds, and then you can win. Winning is always fun.

Also, HIGH SCHOOL WEIGHT as goal? Holy cow. I'd LOVE to have my high school weight as a goal but that's way too far to even pretend for now. Sheesh. Good for you!

PS, I miss you like whoa.

kimert said...

Shoot fire. I have typed this out 3 times for it to just disappear. Boo.

Anyhoo...CONGRATS on that amazing weight loss! I'm a bit scale won't move. Mean ol' thing. And my jeans still fit the same as they did during the fall. Hopefully by fall my jeans will fall off. Urgh.

Keep rockin'!!

Emily Burton said...

Great job Lindsey! I love WW and this is the only thing I have found to be successful and a lifestyle change. I am pretty sure I am smaller than I was in high school after WW. It is so crazy!

Brandy@YDK said...

wow good job on working the weight loss!! adn why were you having to work overnight?

Fiona said...

Hahaha that is so funny about the weight on your driver's license! We don't have our weight on it in Australia, just a photo and address etc. My license is due for renewal in November and the photo on it at the moment looks nothing like me!

Melissa said...

Wow, way to go!

So true about weight on your driver's license.....and really funny!

Lyndsay said...

Wow!! Good for you! (the weight part, not the work part - yuck to that.)

It's good to "hear" from you... I miss you!